Facebook Apologizes for Calling “Innocent” Spammer

Activists who use Facebook to spread their message have faced problems in recent times. Updates with messaging protection to the environment were disappearing from users of history so, no more no less. Censorship? Not exactly, since the social network( as far as is known) does not delete messages due to its content.

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“Tweet” Comes to the Dictionary

There are many dictionaries out there, but few have the recognition of the public and scholars in linguistics. The Merriam-Webster, one of those recognized dictionaries, is a new wave of updates the entries it offers. And it is not that Twitter became responsible for adding a new term, which shall be understood as a formal word for the dictionary? Guess what’s the word “tweet”.

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Gmail Uses Artificial Intelligence, and Hotmail Uses the Same User to Choose the Most Important Messages

The Priority Inbox came to Gmail with the proposal to choose for you which are the most important messages. The robot from Google separates the wheat from the chaff after reading the contents of each, and mark those urgent and hopelessly needed to read with a special badge and privileged position in the inbox.

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Update for Apple TV Brings Support for Netflix in Brazil

The wave of devices that support Netflix in Brazil was relatively small when the service was launched in the country. Even it is available out there in several different ways, in Brazil it was available on computers, the Wii, the PS3 and PS2 and then gained more devices. With a released update for the second generation of Apple TV yesterday, Netflix is available in Brazil. But apparently it happened by accident.

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Google Music Bet on Albums with Promotional Price of $ 2 for Cyber ​​Monday

Still missing in Brazil a large store, Blocky for selling online content. There is information that the iTunes Store national debut on December 8, but nothing has been confirmed by Apple. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Google promotes several albums by only $ 1.99 during what they call there for Cyber ​​Monday. In good, I also want a mamata these.

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AOL Revenues of US $ 1 Billion by Selling Patents (and Netscape) to Microsoft

Desperate to see that people are not using both their notorious CDs to connect to the internet, AOL seeks a new way to stay alive somehow. And she seems to have found one: get rid of some items on its patent portfolio in exchange for money. The company announced today that it sold most of its patents to Microsoft.

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Facebook Launches Groups to Colleges

The Facebook announced last week a new product from the house: the Groups for Schools. This is a new offer of the social network that has much more expensive nostalgia than innovation. But do not be fooled. It’s all show business, not show Friends and how much of what the social giant is on the interwebs, this is not a random and unknotted point. Continue reading

C & A Adopts Facebook Like Button on Clothes Hangers

Who knew that a fashion company could cause such a stir in social networks? C & A, famous for clothes that sells over two hundred stores in the country, decided to put Facebook on their shelves. They adopted, in an unprecedented action, counters of “likes” data through the social network to hangers strategically positioned in the concept store maintained at a mall in São Paulo.

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Twitter Asks for Confirmation of Age to Follow Certain Profiles

To make a record on Twitter is not necessary to inform their age. Other data, such as minibiografia and place of residence, often prioritized. This approach ended up bringing a problem that Twitter start now resolve to ask users to enter a date of birth before following certain profiles whose content is directed to people over age. Profiles of beer, for example.

The new feature was developed in partnership with Buddy Media company and is onlineon this page for representatives of companies enable their use. Called “Age Screening” he prevents minors have access to tweets from brands of beer, liquor and other products intended to come of age.

In demonstration of Buddy Media it was very clear that you can beat the system at any time. Simply enter a false date of birth so that Twitter enable access to the profile that the user would like to follow. More or less as in beer sites (also in Brazil) and games electronics depending on the indicative classification by age range.

The Buddy Media reports that the age reported by Twitterer will not be passed on to the brand responsible for the profile that he wants to follow.

This restriction that Twitter begins to implement for certain alcoholic beverage brands does not apply to medicines or games of chance, for example. TechCrunch suspects have placed this age screening action to avoid future problems with the justice American.


Failure Google Talk Air Strip for Most Users

The Google admits that a failure technique took the Google Talk chat (or GTalk, as you prefer) of the air at this point. Users who try to communicate through Windows applications, Android and some search sites can not even view the contact list. The GTalk returned to work on the integrated use of the interface Gmail web also after undergoing instability. Continue reading

Google+ Gets New Feed, Hangout App and Want to Improve Your Photos

Since the beginning of Google +, Google says the focus of the social network is in people and not machines or virtual links. With this in mind, the news were presented to Google+ in I / O, including a new feed, a messenger integrated and improvements in photos, as the good times of life and living with other people are recorded as well.

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Meleva Helps You Share the Taxi From the Airport to the Campus Party

People from various states of Brazil are participating in the Campus Party, the country’s largest technology fair which has official opening scheduled for 21h30 today. As the organizers will not offer any kind of transport in this issue, the Meleva service gives strength to those who come by plane and created a task force so that participants can share the taxi from the Anhembi Park.

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Sending a Message to Mark Zuckerberg: Pay $ 100 to Facebook

It is always: when Facebook releases some new functionality or changes in the layout of the pages, a huge group of people claiming the news. Have you ever thought to send these complaints directly to Mark Zuckerberg? This is possible: paying no less than $ 100, you ensure that your message will reach the inbox of the CEO of Facebook.

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Founder of Instagram: “We Do Not Want to Sell Your Photos”

A few moments the co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, published a note in which he speaks on various aspects criticized in terms of service to come into force next month. Systrom was categorical in saying that the photo service will not sell user photos, nor use it to promote advertising campaigns for other companies.

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