Definition of RAM

RAM is the acronym of the English concept of Random Access Memory (random access memory). It is the memory that, on a computer, is used by a processor to receive instructions and save the results.

It can be said that the RAM is the work area of a computer software. It is known as cache memory intermediate between the processor and the RAM, which provides quick access to main memory (which is often placed on the hard disk).

The RAM is the place where orders that must run devices as the processor will be loaded. It random access is linked to the temporary waiting period for the execution of an instruction is equal in any position (no need to respect a certain order to get to the data).

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Fenix LED Flashlight Review

Fenix ​​flashlights are generally regarded among professionals as the flashlights for outdoor use. Here Fenix ​​has given its outdoor professionals the LD-series at hand.

This series is characterized by exquisite and compact design. With the very low weight and very low volume these torches are the ideal partner for daily use.

One of the most popular LED torches from this series is Fenix ​​LD20.

Description of the LED flashlight

The Fenix ​​LD20 R5 is an all-round Torch with the highest quality standards. Equipped with a Cree XP-G R5 LED it guarantees constant brightness by digital control and a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

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EasyAcc USB 3.0 Hub with Card Reader

EasyAcc is a manufacturer of mobile battery to power the phone on the road with sufficient power. But not only batteries available on the product range of EasyAcc, but also many other devices, especially in USB 3.0 range. Therefore, this test is about EasyAcc USB 3.0 Hub with Card Reader. Whether this is any good, we tested for you …

This product is provided to us free of charge by the manufacturer. Our reports will always reflect our mission statement.

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Should I Buy a Second Wedding Dress

Your favorite wedding dress has been found, but its price tag so uncomfortable with the bride than the banker’s capacity, according to the mother received. The world’s most beautiful wedding dress is a quality place, but it raaskiiko, however, to invest in several tons of one-day outfit? And yes this is the image takes many years to the shelf edge and the wedding dress, however, is a woman’s specific piece of clothing.

Savings Challenge

I wish it would, but it will suit the price of which in this exercise, but not to keep the wedding acquiring it more than just a costume! And if you save a few hundred dresses, could the money be used for larger diamonds. I know, bizarre savings where money is not so much to be spared, but should be used sensibly. On the other hand, if you buy an expensive suit which is most preferred at it yourself and then sell it on. But who is it then buy and where? Will the brides then porting it to us at home, and do I have to know how to dress can be formatted? And whether it is even no one to match? And where shall I should inform.

Or if I buy a used wedding dress for yourself! I can find online through an appropriate notification of the suit and the suit the owner lives a few tens of kilometers away from us. So what if it is not pleasing to me or the size is wrong, and drove there in vain.How do I say wait-seller trade that I do not like his dreams puvustaan. And I start the same search again rumba.

Buying Easy Movement

It can be reached more easily, when you buy the dress shop. Match it to what you want and a few more in the process. It may be that mediated found something much better than what you first thought. in front of a big mirror is easy to wear suit and asking prices for repairs delivery times. And most importantly really sees what they are buying and is accessible materials and how the suit feels like the earth.

I think the suit easier to get to by seller, the client can present like by costumes and provide tuning options and the appropriate accessories. And in the case of a business, it is easy to go there within the opening hours and neither have to worry about coordinating schedules.

Used Wedding Dresses Business Serving Buyers and Sellers

New Lovebirds opened in Helsinki at the end of April. Its business concept is to combine the traditional bridal services wedding dresses and well-kept. Luxurious preferably in concept to the slogan communicates to customers the quality of the costumes, because the high-quality character costume takes more use. Shabby or old-fashioned costumes will not be received at all, but the exact requirements are that the costumes must be clean and fashionable. In addition, they must be new uniforms more affordable.

“Lace these miniature robes would be the greatest demand right now, regardless of size, as well as sizes 42-44 are actively sought costumers specifically used. During the first day, when our website and Facebook pages were published we received more than 50 requests for information about when we open the shop. This concept are so zeal suits vendors and the buyers. We sellers, we are delighted about this new store and we have a really good-looking suit deals and good prices. If costumes are offered to us at this rate, we will have to allocate the number of suits on sale to be taken. Our goal is that our collections renewed every few months and the suits buying and selling should be smooth, “explains lovebird.

Own suit you should be offered for sale by e-mail, to which the put pictures puvustaan ​​and tells the place of purchase, price and price request. Lovebirds experienced sellers shall propose the necessary price change.

MWC 2016 Day 3: I Had a Subway Strike Midway

Editor’s note: Emily, you must know the iG technology and / or Practical Guide , is in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to cover the MWC, one of the largest in the world technology fairs. She is sharing with us behind the scenes of the show – a very interesting point of view and rarely leaves the circles of journalists covering events like that . Read the reports of the first andsecond days.

Finally came the day that Gran Fira opened its doors to the general public of the Mobile World Congress 2016! After a hectic weekend for the main event announcements, the first day of the fair for real could not fail to be exciting.

The first emotion was waking up after two and a half sleep only. Sleep and wake up in the dark is not cool, but part of the show that is to cover a fair four hours ahead in time zone in relation to Brazil. The second emotion of the day was to go after the free bus that the organization has made available to the MWC visitors. The strike of the subway, promised to Monday and for the fourth (24), was confirmed. Although I tried to avoid comparisons with Brazil, but it was almost impossible not to wonder if we would have such agility to resolve a similar issue involving the main means of transportation for a big event.

We were lucky some bus to the fair come out well near our hotel and be easy to arrive at the meeting point. The sun had not even come out and we were on the way to Fira Gran for the press conference of Sony, scheduled at 8:30 am. According to my traveling companion, Fabrício Vitorino, the TechTudo, this is a cheap time to give lectures in the MWC. In fact, it is a plausible explanation for the slutty that is to mark an event so early – so we got together with the staff from Sony. At the entrance, thanks to photo registered in the MWC application, I could go just pointing the phone to a tower with Bluetooth connection, which was pretty cool.

In a fairly smaller booth than last year, Sony introduced quickly your news to the journalists present. Before, a curiosity: Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony, was the third executive from a major manufacturer to ask if we knew how many times an average smartphone user looking at the screen to see notifications etc. At least this time he did not mention the “150 times a day,” but that number multiplied by others. The reasoning, however, was the same previously done by LG and Samsung executives yesterday .

The first part of the presentation was used to show four products, three of which are still in the concept phase: the Xperia Ear, a bluetooth headset that greatly resembles the Moto Hint and should be sold soon; the wearable camera Xperia Eye; Xperia projector, an interactive projector; and the Xperia Agent, a kind of personal assistant who takes the place of decorative object.

Then stepped in the new smartphones, Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA. The first looks like some old model with new clothing. With intermediate Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 615), the device is a “pre-premium” that could well be going through a Xperia Z Compact or something similar. But the Xperia X is an intermediate in essence. It stands out for presenting a slightly different design, least square and thinner, which pleased me greatly, because escapes that typical square face manufacturer. Other than that, it is worth mentioning that Sony has also adopted the “pink gold” iPhone. The third, called Xperia X Performance brings a premium processor, the Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm, but has hardly been seen in the crowded booth of Sony.

End of releases of interest to Brazil, it was time to return to the agenda – both Alcatel prepared for me (it is common for journalists to have a fuller schedule with the company who invited them) and for my particular. I passed the Alcatel booth to check more closely the portfolio of products in 2016 and have a chat with the marketing vice president for Latin America, André Felippa on the time of French origin company now controlled by China’s TCL. Then it was time to talk to Fernando Pezzotti, another former Samsung who is now in Alcatel to help the company in its expansion, especially in Brazil, where the brand does not occupy the second position already achieved in the rest of Latin America in sales volume.

Then I ran to the tour at the Samsung booth. In addition to the news, this time it was possible to experience the 4D experience in the Gear VR, virtual reality goggles made in partnership with Oculus VR. We sat on chairs that move to see the accessory in a video 360 and in first person which is nothing more than a ride on a rollercoaster. You may find that not, but is afraid to do. My hand was sweating and I cried and laughed almost as if the real toy. Okay, Zuckerberg: maybe the future of virtual reality can be fun, even with each immersed in their own glasses.

Before returning to the stop killed the nostalgia of the food court. It’s so nice to have four cooking options and tables and comfortable chairs to lunch at MWC eventually becomes a collective event. Almost everyone is looking for someone to keep you company in this pleasant environment that is the food court of the fair. Today we went to Mediterranean cuisine, I and three colleagues, and obviously took more small plates than it should. Indeed, the great teaching of today was discovering that you can experience in one day, other cuisines (if your stomach so permitting, of course).

The post-lunch was crowded press room until it was time to go to the line of Mark Zuckerberg, who promised to steal the spotlight again one day after causing at Samsung’s press conference. First, however, had a moment of disappointment alongside colleague Luiz Mazetto, IDG Now. On our way to the press room was the stand of ZTE, where a group of dancers presented itself on a small stage for the happiness of some male participants who stopped to watch film and take photos. I will not dwell on reflection, just let registered for a woman who works covering this industry is quite uncomfortable to realize that big brands still treat us as a decorative purpose or entertaining.

Returning to Zuckerberg. The fact that the auditorium was full, but sweating heavily and slightly annoyed with the microphone that did not work, the Facebook CEO not wowed, even when he spoke of his daughter Max He approached a little of everything. Free Basics and , videos and virtual reality, nothing really that headline. Little did we know that in addition to a weak lecture would still suffer the consequences of such subway strike back to the hotel.

We formed a group of five journalists in which no one could take the lead and suggest a place for dinner. So, we follow the underground flow towards the busiest areas of the city, staying away from Fira Gran. As might be expected the seasons and the wagons were full level see or light at rush hour. Tired and without initiative, we were changing line up to get in my hotel, which decided to join the Alcatel group and dinner at Xalet de Montjuic.

It may seem drama, but the truth is that dinner is the only time we stopped work and relax a bit. Today the agenda was cinema, beautiful people and accents. I found that the gaucho accent is not the most charming, unfortunately. And it was after midnight when I arrived at the hotel with two outstanding texts. Write the early hours chatting with colleagues is also part of a cover like that of MWC 2016.

How to Choose the Right Dresser

The dresser (dressing table, vanity table in English) was the toast of the women in the past. Disappeared for a while and now it’s back! The main reason for their return is the makeup. The dressing table has turned into a big ally of women.

It’s not news to anyone that the website speaking is a makeup addict. The post emerged from the consultation of a friend who asked me tips to make your beauty corner in the room. The intention of this post is to list what a dresser needs to have, i.e. a corner beauty super functional.

  1. Lighting. It doesn’t matter if the dresser has a modern style or old, the right lighting is fundamental in time to do her own make up. How about put it near a window for natural light. Another gimmick is the installation of lights (lamps, light bars). Direct lighting is recommended. What most decorators advise is to have lighting style dressing room (direct), to prevent the shading on the face. Who places lighting above the mirror, need to supplement with a side lighting not to give this umbrella. The positioning of the lights can be vital, but that will depend on the space as a whole. I’ve seen too, a lighting that leaves behind the mirror (but not tested to see if it was really good).
  2. Mirror. The ideal is to have a normal mirror that can show the face and the neck, another mirror (with one hand) to show the makeup in detail, especially to help in a make more elaborate in the eye.
  3. Size of the Dressing Table. Harmony with the size of your space.Believe me! The most common mistake is to buy the mobile with wrong size. I have heard many reports of people selling furniture on it. I don’t believe only “olhômetro”, take the measurements with a tape measure.
  4. Drawers, Storage Spaces.This factor facilitates the Organization of items of makeup, cosmetics, combs, brushes.All of your space beauty in a place near you. In actuality, being very used transparent materials (acrylic, glass) to make the makeup counter top space and turn it into an option even more functional.
  5. Choose the Appropriate Seat. Bench or Chair? For those who don’t have much space, the bench can be a good ally to make better use of the space. There’s even those who stick under the counter top. Do you know how?
  6. Give Your Personal Touch.The coolest things are those that have our “man” as an object of decoration, the choice of luminaires, the spot to put the makeup brushes.

Girls, there are no fixed rules on time to plan or buy your dresser. Take advantage of tips, adapt them to your space and use their creativity. Make a corner beauty more cozy, functional and beautiful for you! After this post, I started to thinking in a corner beauty with Dresser to me!

And you? Have any tips for the beauty space of the room, closet or bathroom? Comment and share your ideas! Let us help!


A Blogger Day

Hello friends!!! Do you remember the day blogger contest that released on Instagram to choose the next Editorial Fashion model at the store here? Yes guys, the draw was held on 25/06, the winner was our dear reader Jessica Igbinovia, and now behold, now is the big day! We were mega eager, waiting for this post! The Jessica was all produced in glamour … Makeup and big hair pretty powerful, “Femme Fatale” style, and we enjoyed the  Full Di Grace just got news fresh from the spring/summer preview to assemble an editorial beautiful, full of trends and fashion inspirations for the next seasons.

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Lovable Swimwear Online

The collection of swimwear Lovable for the ‘Summer 2014 is full of models in versions for every need, letting creations inspired by the coolest trends of the period without forgetting more classic versions in traditional tones. Also this year Lovable think a collection swimwear perfect for different types of silhouettes, a line in which you will find next to the costumes and dresses minidress in the same fantasies, to make beach look by true fashion victim.

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Holiday Shorts Dresses for the Day

A very useful alternative to attend an important event like a lunch with the boyfriend, a cocktail, a wedding; It is to choose a short dress that fits very well with the body of a woman.


But even being an important alternative, often hard to quite find a short dress within the collections of the designers. Although, in recent years, increasingly find appropriate models already not so only short, but also of medium length.

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Short Casual Dresses for Ladies

Women dresses fashion designers always give us a wide range to choose from, for different types of ladies.

For ladies who want to attend a ceremony of a wedding, gala or a cocktail, are encouraged to use modern dresses with vivid colors already are green, pink or red.

For the ladies of envelope weight is recommended to seeking gowns with designs that help conceal the rolls very well and at the same time to stylize your figure.

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Proper Care of Sweaters

Autumn is here, occurred sweaters season. So if you bought this an especially nice, you certainly want to give you endured unaltered at least one (or more) seasons.

Knitwear is to maintain quite challenging and so we jumpers usually very early matted and lose shape. Women sweaters are among the riskiest pieces of clothing in a closet at all and often will last us pretty to look at just one or two seasons and that we may, in some cases, really sorry. So both of them to properly care?

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Best In-ear Headphones HiFi

HiFi Headphones

Today we present you the best hifi headphones on the market. What HiFi? It is a term used to describe High Fidelity (high reliability). Used for good sound enthusiasts like us. With this concept differs between the hulls of lower quality with those who have a more professional sound. Hifi helmets have low noise and distortion as well as a good frequency response. Let’s see the best models of each situation on Percomputer.

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Morellato: Chic Necklace For Africa

Morellato supports the “Association of Doctors with Africa Cuamm”, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary and aims to train new doctors and support the territories of the third world. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays Morellato presents a necklace black onyx that is part of the Bali line of the autumn winter 2010 2011, 10% of proceeds from sales of this necklace will be donated to ‘non-profit association which aims to improve the living conditions In Africa.

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Types of Winter Coats Womens

Now is the time to start thinking about winter coats. The weather is cherished by us, but long before, when the cold surprise and have to wear a warm jacket on. I went mapping their jacket range, which is the most abundant right now. It was fun to mediate a variety of coat patterns, many tempting options to be found, but the menu presentation to a few different. I kept in mind the wardrobe of practicality. How many winter jacket should be. In fact, I think that three different coat is enough really long way. The dark wool coat, white or colored wool coat and warm frosty coat.

Dark wool coat option I could choose no matter how many wonderful, but this time I ended up with a deep dark blue version. Here are some details in its appearance coat. This jacket delighted, this is a narrow line, but not quite tight. Under the jacket I picked delightfully the pattern of the rib. Right now the national romantic pattern knitted wear seem funny. Modern urban style with a bit of an edge. In all the pictures I have a jacket and jeans. To the credit of my clothes as you have noticed.

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Chenille Linen

You know the chenille features? The chenille is a firm fabric, very soft to the touch and used for decoration because of the beauty and texture of its fibers. Either as liner option for upholstery or material for the manufacture of accessories such as bedding and the like, it increments the decor and adds a touch of style and elegance to the environments.

Use a chenille lining is an effective way to renew the look of upholstery and antique accessories adding them a unique finish. The beauty and texture of chenille fibers can be maintained even after years of use. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to proper maintenance. Understand about the use and advantages of using this tissue in decorating and check out tips on how to maintain and clean parts made from this material checking the contents prepared by us!

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Arena, Swimwear Summer 2010

Arena for summer 2010 is a step back in time and offers us a line of swimwear inspired by the ’70s, the times of “peace & love” but also said proven and experienced, floral patterns, colors and optical geometries lit, a world apart which makes nostalgic who was there and who, like us, children of the ’80s has been lost by a whisker! Arena in 2010 pays homage to the ’70s with a line called ezinereligion, where 73 stands for 1973 years in which the brand was founded Arena, which then as now, continues to wear the swimming champions and accompanies us cheerfully at sea and in pool.

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Youth Short Casual Dresses

The short youth casual dresses are those that allow us to use them at any time and event, since they combine in a very good way elegant and informal.

The dress that is considered casual elegant can be a structured silhouette and made with fabrics that are considered casual use as cotton and linen.

The casual dresses should use it if we want to be with clothes light and cheerful, but always fashionable.

These casual dresses should not miss for any reason in our closet, since they are very comfortable and elegant to use in any event.

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