Skype Goes Through Instability and Goes Down for Some

Some users of Messenger and VoIP client Skype are unable to connect to the service or make phone calls on the morning of Thursday. In a statement posted on his Twitter profile the company recognizes that your network is experiencing failures that are working to discover and solve the problem and also provide details to mariners. Continue reading

Orkut Starts to Strengthen Minimum Age for Members?

Earlier this week one post on the official Orkut blog warned of a change in the way social networking is the age of its members. The notice said that users Orkut revise their dates birthday so they could match the same date in other services Google. After the announcement, members of the official community on Orkut noticed a detail: who had less than 18 years could not put his true date of birth. Continue reading

Google Profiles is More Social Networking Face

The Google is putting its interface designers to work in recent days. Once again change the layout Orkut, Google Profiles is the new service of the company which underwent a redesign yesterday, leaving him completely new face and incredibly simple to edit. Besides, there are more data options to be collected and sold to advertisers. I mean, entered by its users. Continue reading

British Police Investigating Google for Collecting Data From Wireless Networks

British authorities are investigating Google for accidentally have collected wireless data networks unsafe for its citizens using the cars of its Street View service, practice classified as a violation of privacy in the Queen’s land. According to the BBC, the web giant said the case was “a simple accident” and added that cooperate with investigations. This failure also caused the company is the subject of investigations in Germany.

Google Updates the View Gmail on the iPad

Despite all the friction in Apple and Google, the last remains dedicated to bringing the best experience for those who use their services in the first platforms. Monday was updated interface Gmail for whom access through the iPad. Nothing too revolutionary, but still a sign that the Mountain View company is committed to the best possible experience for its users, even if the rival platform. Continue reading

Active Twitter Trending Topic Sponsored

Last week the MediaMemo blog reported the creation of another platform advertising that Twitter would launch. This platform was launched today and is based on the list of Trending Topics. Advertisers can pay to have their products disclosed in the list. The first company to do this was Disney, announcing the new film its Pixar subsidiary, Toy Story 3, which went on display this week in the US. Continue reading

Traffic on the First Day of the World Cup was Higher Than Obama’s Election

Akamai has much of the internet traffic passing through their servers. Therefore, it is a company that has some authority to make statements on traffic statistics on the web. And according to her, the traffic sent to news sites covering the first day of the World Cup is already higher than the traffic caused by the victory of Barack Obama in the American elections. Continue reading

Brazilian Doing Research on Mobility on Twitter

The Twitter is a social network that has grown and is in vogue in Brazilian media (with a certain delay, I know, but it is). However, little is said about the use of networked mobile devices. Thinking about it, the Brazilian researchers Gabriela Zago and Raquel Camargoare promoting research to discover more about mobility and Twitter. Continue reading

YouTube Raises $ 10,000 with Movie Rentals

The Google announced that the movie rental service through Youtube raised to the tune of US $ 10,709.16 (approximately R $ 19,300) in the period in which it was available. The system ran for 10 days, during the Sundance Festival, and allowed navigators installed in the US paid $ 3.99 to be able to watch the five films that were part of their schedule Continue reading

Geohot is Working for Facebook

The well – known hacker George “Geohot” Hotz made ​​his fame on the web after it failed to make a jailbreak for the iPhone original in mid 2008. He reappeared when he tried and could do the same with the PS3, which resulted in a lawsuit by Sony . His name, however, may appear less frequently accompanied by the word ‘hacker’, now that the boy was hired by Facebook.

Continue reading

Political Group Creates “Islamic Facebook”

The Egyptian arm of political organization Muslim Brotherhood, present in several Arab countries, presented this week its own version of social network Facebook, which goes by the name Ikhwan Book. According to its creators the goal of the new site is to connect users “offering greater respect for Islamic values”, which can be understood as a less friendly stance bold photos, homosexuality and, of course, prohibition of anti-Islam groups. Continue reading