The world’s Most Expensive Trophy

Almost all known sport has its own special trophy. For example, knows football special award this annual award, the Ballon d?? Or “and Polo on snow” Silver Horse Cartier “. Cricket ball sport has a special award: “The Diamond Cricket Ball”. With a value of approximately $ 68 500 this exclusive assign the most expensive trophy in sport.Diamond Cricket …

International Four Day Marches Nijmegen

Everyone wants at the end of the Nijmegen Four Day Marches Cross four-day course can receive. 30, 40 or even 50 kilometers in and around Nijmegen walk requires a good workout. In addition to this training, you can do even more to ensure that you will start with good preparation.

Le Tour de France Prize Money 2015

The tour de France has held since 1903, is the most important cycling event in the world. The winner of the Tour de France brings together the Eternal fame and which course includes a nice sum of money. This event is to earn prize money in several ways. There are four classifications, where each position in the final …

Brief Description of Ski Jumping

Ski jumping, also called ski jumping, is a winter sport but now takes place during the summer. In winter the use of freshly fallen snow or applied during the summer. A ski jump consists of a sliding part from a high tower, then, floating through the air once, and finally, on a slope lands.

Changes in Golf Rules

Every four years, looking at the Royal and Ancient and United States Golf Association in the rules of Golf. What will change as of January 1, 2008? Below you will find just the rules undergoing a change from this date, or custom and valid.

All about Golf Sport

It used to play golf only reserved for the elite among the population, thankfully these days are long gone. The sport of golf has in recent years become available to the public. There are many new golf courses being built, these new jobs is less exclusive than the old classic golf courses in the Netherlands. In addition, prices …

The Brief History of Tennis

Tennis. Now a sport for all, previously meant for the elite. On the origins of the popular sport. Every sport has its history. Take football. Experts talk to each other about the origin are constantly against, but an often repeated story comes from Scandinavia. In the distant past vechtlustigen kicked each other head on a recently killed opponents.

All-Round Fitness Training Programme

What is an ideal all-round fitness training during the holidays? How can you continue to train you well if you are on vacation? What muscle strengthening exercises are ideal to do during the holidays? Jumping rope is a great work out? What is a quick workout muscles without weights or equipment? What is a healthy exercise during the holidays?

How to Eat Healthy Always

Bodhi-Sattva-Hey attractive women and men of steel, a greeting from your personal trainer trusted, Bodhi. I see you breathe fresh air after a number of years and finally feel alive, well done ladies and gentlemen, well done! Now, what I want to talk, my method of “MARTIAL.”

Italy vs Netherlands Soccer

Matches against Italy seems to inspire the Dutch team only when there’s something at stake. Never won ‘ azurri ‘ namely a final tournament in Orange. On the other hand, the Netherlands has never won a friendly match with Italy in spite of thirteen meetings. Italy and the Netherlands played a total of 19 times against each other. Netherlands …

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang Korea

The Olympic summer and winter games are held every four years. 2014 Sochi Olympic Games organised in the 22th. The next four years later, in 2018. The twenty-third winter Olympic Games will be held from 9 to 25 feb 2018 with the South Korean Pyeongchang. The choice of South Korea announced on July 6, 2011. The announcement was for 123.The …

De Historische Elfstedentocht

The black Riders, or riders Elfstedentocht of meeschaatsen outside the official registration is a phenomenon of all time. Even in the first edition of 1909, they drove the journey black out. Black run in the Elfstedentocht was not until 1986, however, large scale phenomena in the Elfstedentocht. Anno 2012 dodging the Organization a big problem

Up Wizards Hockey India

In the days when hockey was still only about technique and skill, India was great. The world was surprised to learn tricks and stick handling of Indians. It started at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 and lasted only one interruption until the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. The story of seven gold medals and a silver.

Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

If you are looking for tennis since achieved higher speeds. The difference with table tennis is in the distance between the two players. Because of a smaller medium-distance ball is faster on the opponent. On the basis of this table is considered to be the fastest ball sport in the world.

Wimbledon Schedule 2011

What is the schedule for Wimbledon 2011 look like? When the games are played can be read here. The tournament runs from June 20-July 3. You can buy Wimbledon tickets online but also order over the phone. If you go there, you can make the best of public transport. Parking at the stadium is very difficult because of the high …