A Blogger Day

Hello friends!!! Do you remember the day blogger contest that PaulDigo.com released on Instagram to choose the next Editorial Fashion model at the store here? Yes guys, the draw was held on 25/06, the winner was our dear reader Jessica Igbinovia, and now behold, now is the big day! We were mega eager, waiting for this post! The Jessica was all produced in glamour … Makeup and big hair pretty powerful, “Femme Fatale” style, and we enjoyed the  Full Di Grace just got news fresh from the spring/summer preview to assemble an editorial beautiful, full of trends and fashion inspirations for the next seasons.

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Lovable Swimwear Online

The collection of swimwear Lovable for the ‘Summer 2014 is full of models in versions for every need, letting creations inspired by the coolest trends of the period without forgetting more classic versions in traditional tones. Also this year Lovable think a collection swimwear perfect for different types of silhouettes, a line in which you will find next to the costumes and dresses minidress in the same fantasies, to make beach look by true fashion victim.

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Holiday Shorts Dresses for the Day

A very useful alternative to attend an important event like a lunch with the boyfriend, a cocktail, a wedding; It is to choose a short dress that fits very well with the body of a woman.


But even being an important alternative, often hard to quite find a short dress within the collections of the designers. Although, in recent years, increasingly find appropriate models already not so only short, but also of medium length.

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Short Casual Dresses for Ladies

Women dresses fashion designers always give us a wide range to choose from, for different types of ladies.

For ladies who want to attend a ceremony of a wedding, gala or a cocktail, are encouraged to use modern dresses with vivid colors already are green, pink or red.

For the ladies of envelope weight is recommended to seeking gowns with designs that help conceal the rolls very well and at the same time to stylize your figure.

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Proper Care of Sweaters

Autumn is here, occurred sweaters season. So if you bought this an especially nice, you certainly want to give you endured unaltered at least one (or more) seasons.

Knitwear is to maintain quite challenging and so we jumpers usually very early matted and lose shape. Women sweaters are among the riskiest pieces of clothing in a closet at all and often will last us pretty to look at just one or two seasons and that we may, in some cases, really sorry. So both of them to properly care?

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Best In-ear Headphones HiFi

HiFi Headphones

Today we present you the best hifi headphones on the market. What HiFi? It is a term used to describe High Fidelity (high reliability). Used for good sound enthusiasts like us. With this concept differs between the hulls of lower quality with those who have a more professional sound. Hifi helmets have low noise and distortion as well as a good frequency response. Let’s see the best models of each situation on Percomputer.

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Morellato: Chic Necklace For Africa

Morellato supports the “Association of Doctors with Africa Cuamm”, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary and aims to train new doctors and support the territories of the third world. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays Morellato presents a necklace black onyx that is part of the Bali line of the autumn winter 2010 2011, 10% of proceeds from sales of this necklace will be donated to ‘non-profit association which aims to improve the living conditions In Africa.

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Types of Winter Coats Womens

Now is the time to start thinking about winter coats. The weather is cherished by us, but long before, when the cold surprise and have to wear a warm jacket on. I went mapping their jacket range, which is the most abundant right now. It was fun to mediate a variety of coat patterns, many tempting options to be found, but the menu presentation to a few different. I kept in mind the wardrobe of practicality. How many winter jacket should be. In fact, I think that three different coat is enough really long way. The dark wool coat, white or colored wool coat and warm frosty coat.

Dark wool coat option I could choose no matter how many wonderful, but this time I ended up with a deep dark blue version. Here are some details in its appearance coat. This jacket delighted, this is a narrow line, but not quite tight. Under the jacket I picked delightfully the pattern of the rib. Right now the national romantic pattern knitted wear seem funny. Modern urban style with a bit of an edge. In all the pictures I have a jacket and jeans. To the credit of my clothes as you have noticed.

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Chenille Linen

You know the chenille features? The chenille is a firm fabric, very soft to the touch and used for decoration because of the beauty and texture of its fibers. Either as liner option for upholstery or material for the manufacture of accessories such as bedding and the like, it increments the decor and adds a touch of style and elegance to the environments.

Use a chenille lining is an effective way to renew the look of upholstery and antique accessories adding them a unique finish. The beauty and texture of chenille fibers can be maintained even after years of use. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to proper maintenance. Understand about the use and advantages of using this tissue in decorating and check out tips on how to maintain and clean parts made from this material checking the contents prepared by us!

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Arena, Swimwear Summer 2010

Arena for summer 2010 is a step back in time and offers us a line of swimwear inspired by the ’70s, the times of “peace & love” but also said proven and experienced, floral patterns, colors and optical geometries lit, a world apart which makes nostalgic who was there and who, like us, children of the ’80s has been lost by a whisker! Arena in 2010 pays homage to the ’70s with a line called ezinereligion, where 73 stands for 1973 years in which the brand was founded Arena, which then as now, continues to wear the swimming champions and accompanies us cheerfully at sea and in pool.

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