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Estonia: Various travel information

Formalities, visas

On December 21, 2007, the Schengen Agreement came into force in Estonia. Together with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Malta, you can now enter all of these countries without border controls. For example, a Spaniard can get to Estonia without any controls and a Finn via Estonia to Portugal. In the Moselle town of Schengen in Luxembourg, it was decided in 1985 to gradually abolish border controls in the participating countries, but to increase controls at the external borders.

Issuing of visas in Germany

People who still need a visa to enter Estonia can obtain it at the following addresses:

Hildebrandstrasse 5

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 254 606 00


Opening times: weekdays 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

– 4:00 p.m. Consular section: weekdays 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Tel. +49 – (0) 30 – 254 606 11

Issuing of visas in Austria and Switzerland

See under Representations of Estonia in Austria and Representations of Estonia in Switzerland.

Local currency, goods and souvenirs

National currency

The national currency of Estonia has been the euro since January 1st, 2011.

Import and export of goods The import and export of weapons, ammunition or explosives is strictly prohibited. In addition, the import and export of plants and animals protected under the Washington Species Protection Act is prohibited. Violation can result in severe penalties.

The export of artistically or historically significant objects created before 1946 is subject to restrictions. Further information can be found at

How do you get to Estonia?

The fastest way to get to Estonia is by plane. The airlines Estonian Air and Easyjet offer direct flights from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich to Tallinn. But a trip by car, for example through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, can be a unique experience.

Arrival by train

Detailed information on the train connections from Germany to Tallinn can be found under this link:

Traveling by bus

An inexpensive and convenient way to travel from Germany to is by long-distance bus:

http s: //

Travel in the country

Air connections There is domestic air traffic between Tallinn and the islands of Saaremana with Avies and Hiiumaa with Air Livonia.


In the country itself there are extensive bus connections to almost all parts of the country.


connections exist from Estonia to the Russian Federation, Poland, Belarus and Latvia. There is also a daily connection from Berlin via Riga to Tallinn. The rail network stretches across Estonia. There are connections between Tallinn and Haapsalu, Jöhvi, Pärnu, Narva, Viljandi, Kloogaranna, Paldiski, Tartu and Türi.


The road network is well developed. However, there are only three motorways in Estonia, the Via Baltica from Tallinn to the southwest, the Via Estonia from Tallinn to the southeast and the Via Hansa to Finland and on to Russia. However, as soon as you leave the main roads, you drive on gravel roads. Many smaller places can only be reached via gravel roads.

Rent a car

In Estonia you can get a rental car without any problems.

Ferry connections

The Silja Line in Lübeck offers a connection from Rostock to Tallinn several times a week. Within Estonia there is regular ferry service between the mainland and the larger islands. There are also ferry connections to Finland and Sweden.

On the night of September 27-28, 1994, the then 14-year-old roll-on-roll-off ferry “Estonia” sank en route from Tallinn in Estonia to Stockholm in Sweden. Of the approximately 1,000 passengers on the ferry, over 850 were believed to have died. Only 137 survived the accident. According to experts from the London shipping register, Lloyd’s, such ferries are generally not considered to be very stable. If little water gets into these ships, the risk of capsizing and sinking is very high. The percentage of this type of ferry in accidents of this kind is huge. Of course, this risk applies worldwide.

Traffic rules

Maximum speeds

The maximum speed for cars is 50 km/h inside and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.

Special regulations

In Estonia, driving with dipped headlights is compulsory all year round, at any time of the day. The use of winter tires is compulsory from December 1st to March 1st. The use of studded tires is permitted from October 15th to April 15th. The use of mobile phones without a hands-free system at the wheel is only permitted outside built-up areas.


limits The alcohol limit in Estonia is 0.0

International license plate

According to Abbreviationfinder, the international license plate of Estonia is:


Tourist offices

Estonian Tourist Board

Lasnamäe 2

11412 Tallinn

Tel 00372 – 6 – 279 770


Estonian Tourist Board in Germany

Mönckebergstr. 5

20095 Hamburg

Tel: 0049 – (0) 40 – 3038 7899


Baltikum Tourismus Zentrale

Katharinenstr. 19-20

10711 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Tel: 0049 – (0) 30 – 8900 90 91



Infectious Diseases

In Estonia, no infectious diseases that are not widespread in Germany or Central and Northern Europe are to be expected. There are:

  • Lyme disease. It is transmitted through tick bites.
  • Early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE). Also transmitted by tick bites.
  • Hepatitis A and B. The risk of infection corresponds to that in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
  • tetanus
  • Rabies. There is a risk of infection nationwide.

Recommended vaccinations

when traveling to Estonia, the following vaccinations recommended:

  • Diphtheria. A vaccination against diphtheria should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Hepatitis A and B. A vaccination against hepatitis B is only necessary for people who may come into contact with blood or for those who are looking for sexual contact.
  • Tetanus. A vaccination against tetanus should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Rabies . Vaccination is only required for high-risk travelers who may come into contact with the carrier animals.

Vaccination requirements There are no vaccination requirements when entering or staying in the country.

Warning notices

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Citizens Service

Telephone: 0049 – (0) 30 – 5000 – 2000

Estonia: embassies, consulates

Visit Countryaah for a full list of Estonia embassies and consulates in each country around the world.

Representations of Estonia in Germany

The building of the Embassy of Estonia is located on Hildebrandstrasse in the Tiergarten in the Berlin-Mitte district. Hildebrandstrasse connects Tiergartenstrasse with Reichpietschufer, meaning that the embassy is in the middle of the Berlin embassy area. The embassy building is a very representative new building.

Embassy in Berlin

Hildebrandstrasse 5

10785 Berlin

Tel: 0049 – (0) 30 – 254 606 00



Honorary Consulate in Düsseldorf

Uerdinger Strasse 58 – 62

40474 Düsseldorf

Tel: 0049 – (0) 211 43 22 37


Honorary consulate in Grasbrunn near Munich

Gut Keferloh 1a

85630 Grasbrunn near Munich

Tel: 0049 – (0) 89 – 46 23 14 30


Honorary Consulate in Hamburg

Badestraße 38

20148 Hamburg

Tel: 0049 – (0) 40 – 4 50 40 26


Honorary Consul in Ludwigsburg

Porschestraße 4

71634 Ludwigsburg

Tel: 0049 – (0) 7141 – 30 82 02

German representations in Estonia

Embassy in Tallinn

Toom-Kuninga 11

15048 Tallinn

Tel: 00372 – 627 53 00


Austrian representations in Estonia

Embassy in Tallinn

Vambola 6, 5th floor

EE-10114 Tallinn

Tel: 00372-627 87 40


Honorary Consulate Tallinn (without passport authorization)

Laki 26 (3rd floor)

EE-12915 Tallinn

Tel: 00372 – 674 70 80


Representations of Estonia in Austria

Embassy in Vienna

Wohllebengasse 9/13

1040 Vienna

Tel: 0043 – 1 – 503 77 61



Honorary Consulate in Vienna

Goldeggasse 16

1040 Vienna

Tel: 0043 – 1 – 503 08 08 – 30


Honorary Consulate General in Salzburg

Willibald-Hauthalerstrasse 17

5020 Salzburg

Tel: 0043 – 662 – 848 496

Honorary Consulate in Graz

Wastlergasse 11

8010 Graz

Tel: 0043 – (0) 316 – 381 925


Swiss representations in Estonia


The embassy in Helsinki in Finland is responsible .

Swiss General Consulate in Tallinn

c/o Trüb Baltic AS

Laki 5

10621 Tallinn

Tel: 00372 – 658 11 33


Representations of Estonia in Switzerland


The responsible embassy is the embassy in Austria in Vienna .

Consulate in Geneva

Avenue Léon-Gaud 5

1206 Geneva

Tel: 0041 – (0) 22 – 839 70 00


Consulate in Stäfa

Bergstrasse 52

8712 Stäfa

Tel: 0041 – (0) 44 – 926 88 37



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