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Finland: Various travel information

Formalities, visas

After the Schengen Agreement came into force for Finland on March 25, 2001, there are no regular passport controls for travelers within EU borders. Nevertheless, every traveler is obliged to have his or her valid identity card or passport with him. The German child ID card as well as the entry of a child in the passport of a parent and the German child passport are recognized without restrictions for entry into Finland. People who need a visa can get it at the following address.

Issuing of visas in Germany

Visa department of the Embassy of Finland

Rauchstrasse 1

10787 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 50 50 30


Foreign exchange, goods

Foreign exchange

The national currency of Finland is the euro = 100 cents.

  • Import and export of the national currencyThe import and export of the national currency is unlimited.
  • Import and export of foreign currenciesThe import and export of foreign currencies is unrestricted.


Many products in Finland are cheaper than in Germany, such as glass, jewelry, ceramics, handicrafts, fashion and furs.

Import and export of goods The import and export of weapons, ammunition or explosives is strictly prohibited. In addition, the import and export of plants and animals that are protected under the Washington Species Protection Act is prohibited. Violation can result in severe penalties. From Germany and all other EU member states, people over the age of 20 can import unlimited quantities of spirits into Finland as long as they are intended for personal use. People between 18 and 20 years of age are only allowed to carry alcoholic beverages up to 22%. From all EU Member States, people over the age of 17 can import unlimited quantities of tobacco products into Finland as long as they are for personal use.

Entry with pets

For the owners of dogs and other animals, when traveling abroad, the question arises whether they can even take their animals with them to the chosen travel destination, and if that is possible, then of course the question of the respective applicable conditions arises. Here with us you will find all the important information on this topic, seriously researched at the embassies or the Foreign Office. The regulations apply to entry from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and numerous other countries:

The EU regulation on the import and export of pets of 1.1.2004 applies to the entry with pets into Finland: This states that pets must be marked with an electronic chip in order to be able to guarantee a clear identification of the animals (until Year 2011 a legible tattoo is sufficient, by means of which the animal must be clearly identifiable). In addition, you must always carry your EU pet passport with you when you travel, which can be issued by all resident veterinarians and which must show that the animal in question has been vaccinated against rabies. The rule is that animals vaccinated in Germany must be at least twelve weeks old when they are first vaccinated.

If the animal in question is younger than twelve weeks, it is still possible under certain circumstances to enter Finland with it. However, it must be ensured that the animal is either tattooed or has a chip, an EU pet passport is carried and that the animal has been kept at the place of its birth since birth, where it must not have come into contact with wild animals.

To enter Finland, dogs and cats also need a certificate from a veterinarian stating that they have been treated against tapeworms (Echinococcus multilocularis). Medicines must be used that contain either the active ingredient praziquantel or epsiprantel. This treatment must have taken place between 24 hours and 30 days before entering Finland. The animal owner is also obliged to have a certificate with the name and dosage of the drug issued.

How do you get to Finland?

The quickest way to get to Finland is by plane.

Air connections

The main airline for trips to Finland is the Finnish airline Finnair, which flies to Helsinki- Vantaa from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. Finland is also served by Lufthansa and SAS. Finnair’s domestic network flies to 22 airports, including Ivalo, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kittilä, Kuopio, Kuusamo, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Pori, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Tampere, Turku and Varkaus.

Travel in the country


The Finnish rail company VR has a 5,860 km long rail network. Two main lines run from Helsinki and Turku to Rovaniemi and across the Arctic Circle to Kolari and Kemijärvi. Almost all cities and landscapes can be accessed through the VR route network.


There are numerous intercity buses that travel within Finland and abroad.


The road network covers 77,000 km. The main roads are usually passable all year round.

Car rental

In Finland you can find the well-known car rental companies.

Ferry connections

All over the country lakes, canals, rivers and straits have to be bridged. The yellow short-haul ferries are free. There are also connections with inland waterways, water buses and taxis.

Traffic rules

In Finland you drive on the right. In order to avoid trouble with the police or even the courts, one should strictly adhere to the traffic regulations in force in the country. The maximum speeds shown can of course be reduced or increased by traffic signs. Regardless of the information given here, it is advisable to obtain detailed information from the ADAC, the AvD or the traffic clubs in the country concerned.

Maximum speeds

In addition to the general speed limits shown, the speed limits indicated by signs must be strictly observed.

  • In urban areas there is a speed limit of 50 km/h.
  • There is a speed limit of 100 km/h on country roads.
  • There is a speed limit of 120 km/h on motorways.

Special regulations

Outside built-up areas, drivers must drive with dipped beam around the clock, inside built-up areas in bad weather or in the dark.


alcohol limit In Finland there is a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 parts per thousand for drivers of motor vehicles.

International license plate

According to Abbreviationfinder, the international license plate of Finland is:


Tourist office

Tourist Office of Finland in Switzerland

Apollostrasse 5

8032 Zurich

Tel: +41 (0)

1/654 51 32 E-Mail: info.finnland @

Wind conditions on the Baltic Sea off Finland


In summer the mean wind strength during the day is around 4 Beaufort (= 6m/s) and at night around 3 Beaufort (around 5 m/s). Wind strengths of 6 and more Beaufort occur only in around 5% during summer. These are excellent conditions for sailors, but also for passengers on cruise ships or ferries.


In autumn, on the other hand, the frequency of winds with more than 6 Beaufort increases to almost 20%. Some people can get sick on the ferries or cruise ships and only experienced skippers and crews should be on the move in the waters off Finland on sailboats.

Infectious Diseases

In Finland there are no infectious diseases that do not also occur in Germany or Central and Northern Europe:

  • Lyme disease, as a result of tick bites
  • Early summer meningo encephalitis, mainly as a result of tick bites
  • Hepatitis A and B, an infection with hepatitis B, is only to be expected in people who can come into contact with blood or those who seek sexual contact.
  • Polio, polio
  • rabies
  • Typhus There is only a risk of infection for travelers who can come into contact with polluted water or contaminated food.

Recommended vaccinations

when traveling to Finland are, as well, recommended at home the following vaccinations:

  • Diphtheria A vaccination against diphtheria should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Hepatitis A and B Vaccination against hepatitis B is only required for people who may come into contact with blood or for those who seek sexual contact.
  • Polio, Polio A vaccination against polio should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Tetanus A vaccination against tetanus should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Rabies Vaccination is only required for high-risk travelers who may come into contact with the vector animals.

Vaccination requirements There are no vaccination requirements when entering or staying in the country.

Warning notices

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Citizens Service

Telephone: 0049 – (0) 30 – 5000 – 2000

Finland: embassies, consulates

Visit Countryaah for a full list of Finland embassies and consulates in each country around the world.

Representations of Finland in Germany

“Each for himself and yet together”. That is the motto of the five Nordic embassies that have combined their messages in this ensemble of buildings. In addition to the Finnish embassy, this also includes the embassies of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. A wide “copper band” consisting of individual slats connects all five embassy buildings around the outside. The ensemle is bordered by Rauchstraße – the official address – as well as Klingenhöferstraße and Stülerstraße. The Finnish Embassy adjoins the Felleshus and was planned by VIVA Arkkitehuuri Oy from Helsinki. The building is delimited by horizontally mounted larch slats. And who is surprised that there are two saunas in the building – one for the employees and a second for guests.

The Felleshus (community center) is used jointly by all five embassies, where concerts, film screenings, lectures, exhibitions and conferences take place – there is also a canteen that is accessible to all visitors.

You can reach the five embassies with the bus lines 100, 106, 187 and the night bus N 26, whose stop is on Klingelhöferstraße directly in front of the embassies, as well as with the bus line 200, whose stop is on the other side at the beginning of Schülerstraße.

Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Berlin

Rauchstrasse 1

10787 Berlin

Tel: 0049 – (0) 30 – 50 50 30

Fax: 0049 – (0) 30 – 50 50 33 33


Web: www.

Consulate General of the Republic of Finland

Esplanade 41

20354 Hamburg

Tel: 0049 – (0) – 35 08 070

Fax: 0049 – (0) – 34 80 116



Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Finland

Ismaninger Strasse 75

81675 Munich

Tel: 0049 – (0) 89 – 91 07 22 57

Fax: 0049 – (0) 89 – 91 07 28 35

You can find other honorary consulates in: Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock and Stuttgart.

German representations in Finland

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Helsinki

Krogiuksentie 4b

00340 Helsinki

Tel: 00358 – 9 – 458 580

Fax: 00358 – 9 – 45 85 82 58




Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Broman Group Oy, Tulliportinkatu 55

80130 Joensuu

Tel: 00358 – 44 – 700 78 00

Fax: 00358 – 44 – 254 41 99


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

c/o Jyväskylä Region Economic Development Agency (JYKES), Sepänkatu 4

40100 Jyväskylä

Tel: 00358 – 20 – 771 56 43

Fax: 00358 – 14 – 65 21 29


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Mariehamns Rederi AB, Norra Esplanadgatan 4 B

22100 Mariehamn

Tel: 00358 – 18 – 270 70

Fax: 00358 – 18 – 126 70


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

c/o Pörhön Autoliike Oy, Nuottasaarentie 6

90400 Oulu

Tel: 00358 – 20 – 762 44

Fax: 00358 – 20 – 762 40 68

Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Hakunintie 19

26100 Rauma

Tel: 00358 – 2 – 834 47 12

Fax: 00358 – 2 – 822 63 69


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Hotelli Olos

99300 Muonio

Tel: 00358 – 16 – 53 61 11

Fax: 00358 – 16 – 53 64 44


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Avant Tecno Oy, Ylötie 1

33470 Ylöjärvi

Tel: 00358 – 3 – 347 88 21

Fax: 00358 – 3 – 348 55 11


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Sunborn Oy, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 23

20100 Turku

Tel: 00358 – 2 – 445 45 01

Fax: 00358 – 2 – 445 45 20


Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Vaasan Käyttöauto, Rantamaantie 35

65350 Vaasa

Tel: 00358 – 6 – 315 63 10

Fax: 00358 – 6 – 315 63 02


Austrian representations in Finland

Austrian Embassy in Helsinki

Unioninkatu 22

00130 Helsinki

Tel: 00358 – 9 – 68 18 60-0

Fax: 00358 – 9 – 66 50 84



Austrian Honorary

Consula Amer House, Mäkelänkatu 91

00610 Helsinki

Tel: 00358 – 9 – 72 57 82 10

Fax: 00358 – 9 – 79 38 95


You can find other honorary consulates in: Kajaani, Mikkeli, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa.

Representations of Finland in Austria

Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Vienna

Gonzagagasse 16

1010 Vienna

Tel: 0043 – (0) 1 – 53 15 90

Fax: 0043 – (0) 1 – 535 57 03



You can find other honorary consulates in: Eisenstadt, Adnet, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Vienna.

Swiss representations in Finland

Swiss Embassy in Helsinki

Uudenmaankatu 16 A

00120 Helsinki

Tel: 00358 – 9 – 622 95 00

Fax: 00358 – 9 – 622 95 050


Web: Helsinki

The Swiss embassy in Finland is still responsible for:

  • Estonia

Representations of Finland in Switzerland

Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Bern

Weltpoststrasse 4, CP 11

3000 Bern 15

Tel: 0041 – (0) 31 – 351 30 31/-33



You can find further consulates in: Allschwil, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano and Zurich.

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