Medical College of Georgia

The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) is the state’s only public medical school, established in 1828 as the Medical Academy of Georgia. The school was created to provide medical education to students throughout the state and beyond, and its first class graduated in 1830. Through the 19th century, MCG grew steadily, with more courses added and more faculty hired. In 1896, MCG became part of the University System of Georgia and was renamed the Medical Department of the University of Georgia. In 1933, it became an independent institution known as the Medical College of Georgia.┬áCheck topschoolsintheusa for MCAT test centers in Alabama.

Medical College of Georgia

MCG experienced tremendous growth during the 20th century, expanding its course offerings and developing into a leading scientific research institution. In 1960 MCG opened its first hospital on campus; today there are four hospitals associated with MCG – Augusta University Medical Center (formerly MCG Hospital & Clinics), Children’s Hospital of Georgia, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, and Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. Additionally, MCG operates several outpatient clinics throughout the region for primary care services for adults and children.

MCG has also developed multiple research centers that focus on a variety of topics such as cancer research, infectious diseases research, genomics research and clinical trials in various fields such as pediatrics and cardiology. The college also offers an extensive range of graduate programs which include Master’s degrees in various disciplines such as Biomedical Sciences or Public Health; Doctoral degrees in Biomedical Sciences or Clinical Psychology; as well as professional degree programs such as Medicine or Dentistry. Today, MCG continues to be a leader in providing quality medical education to future physicians while engaging in groundbreaking scientific research that contributes to improving patient care around the world.

Medical College of Georgia, abbreviated as MCG by Abbreviationfinder, is one of the top-ranked U.S. medical schools located in Augusta, GA. Keep reading to see admissions application information including average GRE scores, admissions selection factors and dual degree programs of Medical College of Georgia.

1120 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30912-4750
(706) 721-3186

Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application: N/A
Latest profile:

Fall 2008 Admissions Information
AMCAS application accepted? Yes
Earliest application date: 11/28
Application deadline: 04/30
Oldest MCAT considered: 2005
Application fee: None
Director of admissions: Dr. Mason P. Thompson
Does this school ask for a secondary application as part of the admissions process? Yes

This school requires undergraduate work in these subjects in order to apply: biology, biology/zoology, English, organic chemistry, inorganic (general) chemistry, physics, molecular and cell biology

Is a personal interview required for admission? Yes
Are interviews conducted at the medical school? Yes

Acceptance notice to regular application for the 2007-2008 first-year class:
-Earliest date: October 15
-Latest date: N/A

Applicant’s response to acceptance offer for the 2007-2008 first-year class:
-Maximum time in weeks: 2 weeks
-Does the school consider requests for deferred entrance? Yes
-Deposit to hold place in class: $100
-Deposit due: At time of acceptance offer
-Deposit refundable prior to: May 15
-Starting month for the class of 2007-2008: August

Early Decision Plan application period for the 2007-2008 first-year class:
-Does the school have an Early Decision Plan (EDP)? Yes
-EDP application period begins: June 1
-EDP application period ends: August 1
-EDP applicants notified by: October 1

Fall 2005 Admissions Statistics

The Medical College of Georgia is a highly competitive college to gain admission to. It has an acceptance rate of approximately 3%. The average GPA for accepted students is 3.8, and the average MCAT score is 511. The school also requires letters of recommendation and an essay as part of the application process. Most accepted students come from in-state schools, with out-of-state applications making up only about 10% of the total admitted student body. Additionally, the college looks for a diverse student body and encourages applicants from all backgrounds to apply. Financial aid opportunities are also available for those who demonstrate need, as well as scholarships for academic merit and special achievements.

Applied Interviewed Accepted Enrolled
Total: 1,917 463 270 190
In-state: 976 449 264 185
Out-of-state: 941 14 6 5
Women: 912 223 132 95
Minorities: 747 131 69 43
International: N/A N/A N/A N/A

Acceptance rate: 14.1%

Average undergraduate GPA: 3.65

Overall score (composite): 10.0
Verbal reasoning: 9.9
Physical sciences: 9.7
Biological: 10.3
Writing: N/A

Undergraduate Majors
Biological sciences (biology, microbiology, zoology, etc.): 66%
Physical sciences (biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, etc.): 13%
Non-sciences (sociology, economics, English, etc.): 18%
Other health professions (nursing, pharmacy, etc.): N/A
Mixed disciplines and other: 3%

Biological sciences (biology, microbiology, zoology, etc.): 66%
Physical sciences (biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, etc.): 13%
Non-sciences (sociology, economics, English, etc.): 18%
Other health professions (nursing, pharmacy, etc.): N/A
Mixed disciplines and other: 3%

Combined Degree Programs
Combined degree programs offered: M.D./Ph.D.

Does the school have a combined college/M.D. program? No
Number of years to complete combined college/M.D. program: N/A
Web site for combined college/M.D. program:

Selection Factors
Details on the policies, preferences, criteria, factors and procedures used in the M.D. admission process:
(Data appear as originally submitted by this school)
The admissions committee strives to identify and accept applicants who will help meet the health care needs of Georgia. We seek applicants with the academic ability, personal attributes, and interests which produce quality physicians. The admissions committee expects applicants to have experiences in the clinical setting. For more, visit http: //www. mcg. edu/careers/medicine. htm.