Top 10 Countries With the Largest Gold Reserves in the World

In a world full of economic uncertainty, countries with the largest gold reserves are better equipped to handle difficult situations than other nations. The reason for this is very simple, when markets collide and the value of currencies falls, the price of gold tends to rise . After all, gold has always been a coveted commodity, while demand for national currencies varies with macroeconomic factors. In the past, the value of a country’s currency was associated with the gold standard, which explains why this commodity is considered perfect, safe from failure. If a country experiences an economic crisis, its central bank may sell gold to counteract the loss of value in its national currency. Therefore, countries with the largest gold reserves are more likely than their peers to provide some stability in difficult situations. In addition, reserves serve as collateral, facilitating loan acquisition . If it is too large a debt, stocking gold may not be the best idea during a crisis, but it is always better to be available to rely on this option if necessary. In this selection are the 10 countries with the largest gold reserves in the world. Initially it is important to know that central banks are responsible for maintaining reserves as long as they represent the primary financial institution over any nation. And for the top 10 gold-producing countries in the world, it’s not necessarily true that they have the important reserves. In fact, some of the countries in this selection have no gold mining industry. Since gold is a commodity, central banks can easily buy the desired amount on the open market. Only then do rich nations have the best chance of joining this selection.┬áSource:

10. INDIA – 557.7 TONS

India may not be the richest of nations, yet it is the second most populous country on the planet , and only thus has a large economy. So it would not be surprising to know that it has a large amount of gold reserves as well, with India being tenth in the selection of the 10 countries with the largest gold reserves in the world, with total 557.7 tonnes.


Despite its small size, the Netherlands has always been known for having a strong economy. Gold reserves are crucial for this nation, as their destination is strongly tied to foreign trade, with 612.5 tonnes of gold associated with the Netherlands.

8. JAPAN – 765.2 TONS

Japan is eighth in the selection of the 10 countries with the largest gold reserves in the world, with a significant 765.2 tons. And having large reserves is very important to Japan, since its currency is notoriously weak. And without robust support, the yen could be a serious problem if a crisis were to appear.


Since Switzerland is known as the world’s banker, it is no surprise that this country is in this selection. Finally, with such a huge banking industry, it is only natural that the Swiss were able to gather large quantities of gold, with 1040 tonnes of gold associated with this country.

6. CHINA – 1054 TONS

The Asian economic power has been extremely positive over the last decades, becoming the largest exporter in the world. China’s solid performance has allowed it to climb rapidly through the 1054-ton gold hierarchy.

5. RUSSIA – 1168 TONS

When it comes to Russia, something is certain, they have a lot of everything, including gold, with Russia being in fifth place with 1168 tons. The largest country in the world may not have the strongest economy, but the government is committed to regaining its position in the world.

4. FRANCE – 2435 TONS

France is not the only major player in the world economy, but it is also one of the pillars of the European Union . As such, it has made great efforts to provide financial stability, and has 2435 tons of gold.

3. ITALY – 2451 TONS

Given the events of recent years, it is not expected that this country will be in this selection, let alone in third place in the selection of the 10 countries with the largest gold reserves in the world, with 2451 tons of gold. However, despite recent economic problems, the Italian Central Bank still commands some of the largest gold reserves in the world.

2. GERMANY – 3384 TONS

Not only does Germany have the most powerful economy in Europe, it is also well known for being highly organized. As such, the government has always ensured that gold reserves are kept high, which it has paid off in recent years; Germany being second with 3384 tonnes.


The leading position in the selection is the United States, with 8133 tons. The Federal Reserve of this country maintains by far the largest gold reserves in the world. And having huge deposits is necessary since this country has tremendous debt obligations and a currency that is used worldwide in foreign trade.

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