Top 10 Countries With the Most Beautiful Man in the World

In this selection are highlighted the 10 countries with the most beautiful men in the world, particularly interesting for women looking for a beautiful man in a holiday romance, a love for life, or for the next adventure of rest. After all, to determine male beauty, many factors are considered, such as physical, behavioral, cultural, way of dressing. These countries are known by the most beautiful men perceived there. Here women let their own minds wander, satiating their brains in choosing the best for themselves. The most beautiful men come from different continents, so there is really need to become a tourist before the final choice of who really is the most beautiful of them. Source:


This country is famous for football and people are shocked to learn that it is also famous for the most beautiful men there. Most of their football stars are popular around the world due to their well maintained bodies and sporting visuals.


These men are of great personality and presence, which makes them more attractive, being ninth position in this selection of the 10 countries with the most beautiful men in the world. And they have the perfect blonde, beautiful eyes, highlighting them as incredibly exceptional. The Swedes have unusual beauty due to their relationship with glamor. Just look at this photo and the heart is throbbing because of the beauty of most Swedish superstars.

8. U.K.

These men own great features, dress elegantly, have a beautiful smile, and are among the best variety of presence when it comes to male beauty on the planet. Two of the key features is that they are friendly and well-mannered people.


This country has some of the most impressive men in the world with sculptural bodies, kind and photogenic faces. And usually they have silky hair, almond skin color and colored eyes. All the features mentioned make them look seductive and breathtaking.


The German men have interesting characteristics and an incredible look, highlighting them for their beauty, being sixth in this selection of the 10 countries with the most beautiful men in the world. The Germans have wonderful skin with attractive eyes and blond hair that make women fall in love. The white skin is influenced by the environment and prevailing cold weather, and one more detail that highlights the Germans is the intelligence, which is fundamental for women also when it comes to attraction and male beauty . The Germans are committed and they are not futile, a particularly positive factor in relation to women.


This country is commonly characterized by having the most beautiful men and this is attributed by the whim and technique of dressing, by the influences of various cultures and ethnicities of them. The French are successful due to the value given to appearances by standards which is very impressive, making them a fashion success by the style of dressing up.


The men of this country have penetrating eyes that reach the heart of women. They are simply fabulous and beautiful with shiny and shiny skin. These men are successful, and are considered by the women of the entire planet.


Simply like Brazil, Angola has some of the most incredible men who have high Portuguese and African influences, with Angolans being the third in the list of the 10 countries with the most beautiful men in the world. Their skin is very attractive and combined with their communication skills, these men are simply an attraction to most women on the planet.


These men inherited their interesting characteristics from South America and Portuguese influences. It is theirs unmatched male beauty, and that makes them sexy, fabulous and seductive. These men have a body with attractive shape, and almond skin. They are known for cleverness and humor, making them both admirable and breathtaking.


The Italians are leading position in this selection of the 10 countries with the most beautiful men in the world. They simply have the good looks that women so much love. The woman looks at them and is mesmerized by Italian beauty. Most fashion magazines address themselves to them. What makes them stand out from the rest of the world? This is due to their characteristics, being strong, with beautiful eyes, lovely hair, and skin that is simply wonderful. When communicating, the Italian accent is sensual to the ears, adding another factor of beauty. This selection is in fact of the countries that present the dizzying men. It is to be agreed, that of each country, there are several famous individuals there. Be it in sports, movies, music, comedy, and fashion. Somehow, one of the countries mentioned above will present someone who is on top of something.

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