Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

Discussing pollution and the environment is increasingly important in modern societies. The way we live on the planet has a considerable impact on the environment, and people’s lives depend on the balance in that environment. The biggest cause of illness and health problems is pollution and dirt. Toxic waste dumps, factory waste, fuel combustion, and trash destroy the natural environment and slowly kill the planet. Fortunately, awareness of this problem is increasing globally, and some people in some ways contribute to the health of the planet by establishing more clean societies. In this selection are the 10 cleanest countries in the world, showing some of the leading countries in preventing air pollution, and countries with the cleanest air as a result of effort.¬†Source:


In recent decades this country has become a remarkable place to live, and is tenth in this selection of the 10 cleanest countries in the world. This country is a place of prosperity, high technology, quality of life, and most important for this selection, one of the most developed eco-green communities. As one of the world’s most desirable cities to live in, Singapore shines with clean streets, beautiful parks and beautiful Marina Bay.


Cuba is in the selection because of its year-round environment and ecosystem. With high awareness on this topic, Cuba has achieved this position by preserving marine life, which is essential for food production in the country. Preserving nature is accompanied by a good health system.


Environmentally friendly organizations have raised a conscious debate in Austria in recent decades. Nature in the region is perfect if clean, fresh air is desired. The Alps, forests and surrounding green, offer great conditions for healthy living. With great awareness, society has made tremendous progress.


France has better water quality than Austria, which is the advantage for this position in the national team. But it was a difficult decision, because both countries are environmentally aware and engaged. Trash is not seen on the streets in France; The cleaning system is well organized.


A developing country has no connection with other countries of this selection in economic power, or industry development. Still, Costa Rica has a large environment, many lively forests, featuring the cleanest waters of the countries in the region.


Another country where size impacted results and scoring. It is a small country in Africa, and probably the cleanest on the continent. Mauritius has about 1.3 million inhabitants, a good enough number to establish an eco-green and environmental society in which the effort was supported by the government.


Norwegians live in close connection with nature and are popular as a healthy and long-lived nationality. The main reasons for this are the Norwegian people’s habits, healthy diet, and the preserved natural environment. Norway is a good example of an environmentally conscious society that supports the green movement. The country has made an effort to raise awareness of this issue among neighboring countries.


The land of the Alps had to be mentioned. This is a land of forests, fresh air, and vegetation. High standards in many areas and high environmental awareness are some of the qualities that Switzerland has and rank third in the 10 cleanest countries in the world.


The Scandinavian Peninsula is the cleanest region in the world, and the countries that are part of this territory are the most aware of the world’s environmental problems. That is why Sweden is second in this selection of the 10 cleanest countries in the world. Sweden places tremendous efforts on expanding green surfaces and spreading knowledge and awareness about eco-green societies in the world. Most of the global organizations in this field are from Sweden.


The cleanest country in the world, leading position in this selection of the 10 cleanest countries in the world, is Iceland. This may not be surprising since this territory combines small size, a highly conscious society developed for ecology and health. Covered almost entirely with lush vegetation and natural surroundings, Iceland has the cleanest air in the world. Combined with excellent organization of services that keep cities clean, health care, and industry that is minimally polluting the environment, the country stands out in the selection easily. Everyone should follow the example of such countries, and make the effort to make the planet a cleaner space, since people will be helped in this way.

Cleanest Countries