Top 10 Countries With Highest Salary Averages in the World

In today’s society, in the global capitalist economy, the definition of salary or remuneration comes down to the usual set of advantages that are directed at employees for providing services to the employer in sufficient quantities to meet individual and family needs. The wage in a given country, in fact, says a lot about the same, in relation to the economic and social conditions that are fundamental for the population, and then, the importance of analyzing these data is perceived. In this selection are the 10 countries with the highest average salaries in the world.┬áSource:

10. NETHERLANDS – $ 29,000

The economy in the Netherlands has been slowly improving over the last few years, which is shown in the average worker wage. The total income before the discount is around $ 47,000 in this country. With a 37.8% discount, the average salary goes to about $ 29,000, which is quite high.

9. NORWAY – $ 31,000

Norway is probably not very popular around the world, however, workers in this country have annual gross income that covers an average of $ 43,000. After the mandatory discounts of 29.3%, this amount is decreased to an average salary of about $ 31,000, which is still high.

8. SOUTH KOREA – $ 31,000

This country is considered the second highest standard of living in Asia. The average salary before the discount is around $ 35,000. But there are mandatory discounts that are at least 12 percent, which averages just over $ 31,000, still one of the largest, compared to other Asian countries.

7. CANADA – $ 32,000

Canada is considered the second largest country in the world by its total area. It is also one of the highest earning countries per worker. Mandatory discounts in this country are 22.7% which means that the average annual income after discounts is over $ 32,000, out of an annual gross income of over $ 42,000.

6. UNITED KINGDOM – $ 33,000

This country was one of the first in the world to be industrialized. Although it has declined in terms of world influence, the worker there is still one of the richest. The average income after the worker’s discount is about $ 33,000. And the mandatory discounts that are in effect are at least 25.1%, which deducts from the average gross value of $ 44,000.

5. SWITZERLAND – $ 35,000

Switzerland is considered the country with the highest average wealth per adult in the world. Prior to discounts, the average wage for a worker in the country amounts to $ 52,000, but after the mandatory 29.4% discounts, the amount is decreased to an average of over $ 35,000. This explains why Switzerland is among the richest countries per capita in the world .

4. AUSTRALIA – $ 35,000

Although located south and beyond other industrialized countries, Australia is considered one of the richest countries in the world. The average annual gross income in this country is just under $ 45,000, which after a minimum discount of 22.3% makes the worker income a little less than $ 35,000.

3. LUXEMBOURG – $ 38,000

While this country is considered one of the smallest countries in the world, it is third in this selection. The average income pre-discount amounts to more than $ 52,000, and the mandatory discounts average 28.1%, which makes the average income just under $ 38,000.

2. IRELAND – $ 41,000

Ireland is probably not as rich as its neighbor in the British Isles. But, it is considered the country that has the second highest average wage in the world. Prior to the reductions, the average gross income of the worker in Ireland is over $ 50,000. Mandatory discounts in this country are 18.9% which makes it average around $ 41,000.

1. UNITED STATES – $ 42,000

Even facing the economic deficiency recently, the United States is the leader in selecting the 10 countries with the highest average salaries in the world, without any discount, the salary reaches $ 54,000. After mandatory discounts, which are around 22.8%, the average salary goes to $ 42,000, which is considered the highest in the world today.