Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World

In this selection are highlighted the 10 smallest countries in the world. And as the saying goes, size is undocumented in relation to small countries, as the tourist segment offers the big attractions in these small territories. A considerable part of micronations survive by importing basic resources, but maintains the differential with tourism. Another advantage may be the concentration of a unique culture and political regime, such as the Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.  Top 10 smallest countries in the world. Source:

10. MALTA – 316 KM²

Maltese are considered one of the oldest Catholic peoples on the planet, and life in this archipelago is greatly influenced by religion, with 365 island churches, one for each day of the year. The official language of Malta is Maltese, a fusion between Arabic spoken in North Africa and Italian Sicily, from where the island is only 96 km away.

9. MALDIVES – 298 KM²

Maldives is made up of over 1300 coral islands, 203 of which are inhabited, and is considered one of the poorest and strangest nations on the planet, and is still ninth in the selection of the 10 smallest countries in the world. The country’s residents are world champions when it comes to divorce; It is necessary to repeat the separation intent 3 times for the divorce to be completed in the absence of appeal. Global warming studies suggest that the islands will disappear in less than 100 years. The highest relief point of the islands is 2 meters high from the sea.


The two small islands of volcanic origin were visited by Christopher Columbus on his second trip to America in 1493. A considerable portion of the population migrates to more countries in search of employment, making wage remittances abroad one of the main sources. income from this archipelago.


This archipelago ranks seventh in the world’s 10 smallest countries, and has gained fame since 1946, with the Bikini and Enewetak atolls that have been the scene of US nuclear tests for 12 years. In 1983, 23 years after the decontamination began, the United States agreed to pay compensation to residents of the region to compensate for the damage caused by explosions. Since 1986 it is an independent republic, with its own president, but it is a free state associated with the United States. With significant degree of economic dependence.


Prince Hans-Adam II is sovereign in the country, he was once on the famous Forbes magazine list as the third richest ruler. The country is squeezed into a region with few natural resources, but is champion of ecology, as all local forests are environmentally protected and there are no major industries.

5. SAN MARINO – 60.5 KM²

According to tradition, this country, located on the limestone peak in central Italy, arose in the 4th century, with the Christian group settling down and escaping Roman persecution. From 1862, after the formation of the present borders of Italy, several treaties confirmed the independence of the country, that is fifth position in the selection of the 10 smallest countries of the world.

4. TUVALU – 24 KM²

It is an archipelago located in the South Pacific that can disappear by rising sea levels. Tuvalu has poor soils for agriculture. And the situation worsens as rising sea levels contaminate drinking water, with damaged coconut plantations, the large source of income of 11,000 inhabitants, and the dependence on imported food is aggravated. The Republic of Tuvalu is located midway between Australia and Hawaii, consisting of 4 coral reefs and 5 atolls, ranking fourth in this selection.

3. NAURU – 21.2 KM²

Nauru is a small island in the South Pacific, third in the selection of the 10 smallest countries in the world. Its survival is from the exportation of guano, calcium phosphate formed from solidified feces of prehistoric birds that used the restroom island for thousands of years. It is a considerable part of the mineral that covers about 70% of the island. It is common to be exchanged for imported water, because Nauru has no natural river or spring.

2. MONACO – 1.95 KM²

The Principality of Monaco is second in the selection of the 10 smallest countries in the world, occupying a narrow strip on the south coast of France, with controversial borders. There are some mansions in the region that have the living room in the territory of Monaco and the bedroom in France. Only 5,000 people out of the 30,000 inhabitants were born there, the rest being Italians, English and French, who were attracted by the glamor of the famous tourism complex. Monaco also appears on our list of the highest minimum wages in the world.

1. VATICAN CITY – 0.44 KM²

The Vatican is the leading position in the selection of the 10 smallest countries in the world, determined as a religious enclave in Rome, the capital of Italy. There are around 900 inhabitants, all members of the Catholic Church or clergy officials. The city has its own telephone system, radio station, banking system, post office, Swiss Guards battalion for the Pope’s safety since 1506, and pharmacies as well. In return, supplies such as water, electricity, food, and gas need to be imported from Italy. And to be able to keep up, the country is dependent on donations from the faithful and tourism income, as the place is one of the most visited points of the European continent.

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