Top 10 Most Expensive Countries to Buy a Car

For those who find bad about rising fuel prices, this selection features the 10 most expensive countries to buy a car for comparison. Compared to these countries, if the individual is in the United States or Australia, actually having a car is much easier. Car purchase prices may be noticeably higher in some countries than others. A Scion FR-S or Mercedes may end up costing a bomb. But the initial investment is just the beginning of the chain of expense that the car owner will face, because even maintenance costs are high in these selection countries. Some countries, in particular, have high car purchase taxes, while some others do so through registration costs to control traffic and discourage overall car increases by causing traffic jams. Taxes for ordinary cars can be equated with taxes on luxury cars in other countries. And then higher gas and gas prices also add to the overall cost a car owner has to pay. Which means that public transport may be a good idea, than investing in a personal car for natives and expats alike. Source:

10. CUBA

Even with Cuba’s “liberalized” market in 2011, little progress has been made in the automotive market. The state still has a monopoly over new car sales and sets its prices at insanely high levels. Low global incomes do not make the situation better, so Cuba is tenth in this selection of the 10 most expensive countries to buy a car.


Cars in North Korea are not just scarce, but just a luxury that only the elite can access. If one has a good position in the political party, it is possible to have a Pweonghwa car. But even so, imports of spare parts could be restricted by sanctions.


The two-island country in the West Indies imposes high car import taxes and as a result, prices can end in a daunting number. However, car rentals are a good idea for transportation; Also, consumers may have an alternative by buying second hand cars that are relatively more viable.

7. U.K.

Car prices in the UK are more than 50% higher than anywhere in Europe. The extra cost is somehow attributable to UK BSI cans, terrifying insurance and high pound value. Volkswagen and Audi cars are priced higher.


Car prices are ridiculously high in Brazil due to federal taxes, high labor costs and scarce availability of raw materials. Prices can be double what Mexicans pay for maintenance costs. The maintenance price of cars is an important point to consider because it generates periodic costs to the owner. A $ 32,000 Corolla in the United States, depending on the value of the dollar, costs more than $ 75,000 in Brazil.


The Chinese car market is relatively new, but it has grown exceptionally well. Even so, car prices are especially high in the country as a means of controlling unbridled traffic. Ever wonder if this whole population would stop using bicycles and meters? Really, it would be disastrous. For an Audi A6 2.4 one could end up paying over $ 62,000.


Owning a car is certainly risky business in Nicaragua. Even second hand cars can cost a fortune. But it is the safety and road issues that also present a major difficulty for car owners, which are usually targeted by vandals.


Cars in Indonesia fall into the luxury category and are charged at a higher tax rate. Car imports can attract customs duties of up to 300% of the original value. Car prices are also exceptionally increased and a Scion FR-S can cost around $ 60,000.


High maintenance costs, duties and high fees contribute to the high cost of owning a car in Malaysia, which is second in this selection of the 10 most expensive countries to buy a car. But it is also the initial investment that people in the country end up paying on cars that is absurd. High prices for international brands end up driving domestic brands. A strategy adopted by many countries.


A Prius in Singapore can cost a whopping $ 154,000. Strict government regulations impose 100% taxes in addition to the requirement of the Certificate of Ownership (COE) which entitles you to own and use the vehicle for a period of 10 years. When demand is high, the cost of a COE may exceed the value of the car itself. These requirements make it extremely complicated to have a car in the country. Singapore is undeniably the leading position in this selection of the 10 most expensive countries to buy a car.

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