How to Get to Armenia

The easiest way to get from Russia to Armenia is by plane. By train and bus, due to the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, you can only get there with a few transfers, it will be long and expensive. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Armenia.

By plane

Aeroflot from Sheremetyevo, S7 Airlines from Domodedovo and Air Armenia from Vnukovo fly daily to Yerevan from Moscow. Aeroflot also operates three flights a week from St. Petersburg.

In addition, there are several flights to Yerevan from the regions: every day from Mineralnye Vody and Rostov-on-Don (Aeroflot), three times a week from Krasnodar (Air Armenia), once a week from Samara and Nizhny Novgorod (Air Armenia), twice a week from Sochi (Air Armenia), twice a week from Novosibirsk (S7), once a week from Chelyabinsk (S7) and once a week from Yekaterinburg (Ural Airlines).

Travel time is just under 3 hours.

By train

The only direct connection from Russia to Armenia through Abkhazia and Georgia is currently closed. You can only get there with transfers. The train from Tbilisi to Yerevan takes about 10 hours, stops in Vanadzor, Gyumri and Armavir and costs from 14200 AMD one way (the lower shelves are more expensive, there are discounts for children).

In total, the road from Moscow will take about 4 days and the cost will be approximately equal to the flight.

By car

The distance from Moscow to Yerevan along the highway is 2236 km. Travel is possible only through Georgia. When crossing the border, it will be necessary to pay a customs fee of 2000 AMD, as well as present an international driver’s license, registration certificate or, in the case of a rented car, an agreement with the company, which indicates that the office does not object to the export of the car to Armenia.

Details on how to get to the popular region of Armenia – Gyumri.

Find cheap flights to Armenia


There are no domestic flights in Armenia, you can travel around the country by trains and buses, the routes of which very often duplicate each other.

Buses to Gyumri, Vanadzor, Sevan, Dilijan and other cities depart daily from the main bus station in Yerevan, as well as abroad – to Istanbul and Tbilisi. Buses to Ararat, Artashat, Yeraskhavan, etc. leave from the Sasuntsi David station. This method cannot be called comfortable, since the bus fleet has not been updated for a long time, the transport leaves crowded, rarely on time, there are no air conditioners.

Trains in Armenia are also not the newest, but at least they depart on time. Tickets can be bought at the box office of the stations or on the website of the South Caucasus Railway.

Public transport in cities

There is one metro line in Yerevan, and, of course, it does not cover all districts. The most convenient way to travel around the cities of Armenia is buses and minibuses. In most of them there are neither turnstiles nor conductors, the fare must be paid directly to the driver upon exit. One trip costs 100 AMD. The same amount will cost 1 km of a taxi ride. In Armenia, you can rent a taxi for the whole day, the driver will be happy to take you and tell you interesting places worth visiting.

It is convenient to see the sights of Armenia as part of organized tours or excursions.

Rent a Car

Russian driving license is suitable for renting a car in Armenia. The age of the driver must be at least 21 years old, driving experience – from one year. In general, renting a car is not the most convenient way to get around the country: “buying” a taxi with a driver for the whole day will cost the same amount (if not cheaper) and at the same time eliminate the need to plot a route in an unfamiliar city and follow the road.

Armenians are hot-tempered and emotional drivers, they often exceed the speed limit and undercut, so driving in this country (especially in cities) is recommended for experienced drivers.

With the use of alcohol while driving, everything is strict: it is impossible. For violation, you will, at a minimum, be deprived of your rights, and at the maximum, you will be imprisoned.

Parking in the center of Yerevan is paid, on the outskirts and in small towns you can park for free.

How to Get to Armenia