Fermín Toro University (Venezuela)

Fermín Toro University (UFT) is a private higher education institution, located in Cabudare, Lara State, Venezuela. It was created on 9 of maypole of 1989 by Decree No. 168 of the National Executive. Founded by Dr. Raúl Quero Silva, President of the Superior Council of the institution and of the “Antonio José de Sucre” Educational Complex. It is considered one of the best private institutions in the Central West of the country.


The Fermín toro university arises in the central-western region of Venezuela not only to be an institution that imparts knowledge at a higher level, but also to represent the social and cultural character of the country and the region, orienting its process towards human values.

Following as a philosophy the formation of the human resource required by the nation through Teaching, Research, Postgraduate and Extension, and having Education, Science and Culture as its governing function, it is created privately on May 09 1989 according to decree No. 168 of the National Executive. It is located in the Palavecino Municipality, Cabudare capital of the Lara State, Venezuela.

Begun academically, the UFT has been developing thanks to the joint effort of its entire university population, engaged in a great educational project that supports the excellent work started by its founder Dr. Raúl Quero Silva, President of the Superior Council of the institution and of the “Antonio José de Sucre” Educational Complex.

On February 14, 1996, the National Council of Universities approved the creation of a Law degree; and on June 26, 1998, it authorized the incorporation of the Social Communication career with the mentions Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations.

The UFT began its academic and administrative activities in Cabudare, Palavecino Municipality of Lara State, but, the great incorporation of students to this house of studies, the demands and needs of the environment led to the creation and inauguration of modern facilities located via El Ujano in the Las Trinitarias sector of Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela.

Institution Philosophy


To train professional citizens, highly trained, competitive, proactive and capable of providing added value; through a university community that plans and manages its humanistic, scientific and technological development, to guarantee academic excellence.


Position itself as a competitive, high-quality and relevant university institution; at the forefront in the training of human resources and generator of knowledge


  • Respect: Appreciation and consideration of oneself (self-respect), of the other (collective respect, otherness) and in general of nature and all its components (planetary consciousness), in order to promote principles in the university community that guide knowing how to be and knowing how to live together.
  • Responsibility: Referred to individual and collective compliance with obligations, commitments, regulations and tasks. Also, it implies knowing and assuming the consequences of free and conscious acts. Their orientation will serve as a guide for learning how to know, know how to do, know how to be and know how to live, typical of the civic and professional training of a UFT graduate.
  • Solidarity: Oriented to the firm and persevering determination to work for the common good, in the internal and external sphere of the university community, as part of the due social responsibility with the municipality, the State and the Country. Its training and praxis implies sense and principles of justice, equity, tolerance, equality, as components of the university’s study plans.
  • Honesty: Guide to action based on truth and justice, closely linked to sincerity, honesty, dignity and consistent and transparent behavior, essential conditions in the training and actions of a professional citizen, who responds to the institutional mission of the UFT.


Fermín Toro University has 3 faculties in which undergraduate and postgraduate training is provided in different areas of knowledge. The institution began its academic and administrative activities in Cabudare, but motivated by the increase in student enrollment, modern facilities were created in Barquisimeto


  • Faculty of economics and social sciences:

Social Communication
Industrial Relations

  • Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences:

Political science

  • Faculty of Engineering:

Engineering Mechanical Maintenance
Engineering Electrical
Engineering Telecommunications Engineering

Services for the university community

The university offers services library, bookstore, medical-dental service cafeteria, laboratory of computer, email, internet, student proveeduría, program improvement, educational and information and guidance. Financial aid, semester scholarships, student insurance, cultural and sports scholarships have been developed.

They also have sports areas such as: Baseball, karate, athletics, swimming, soccer, aerobics, chess, fencing, volleyball, softball, basketball, ping-pong, tennis, table tennis, judo, weights, spinning, wrestling, foosball and gymnastics. Cultural extension activities are offered such as: Coral, choir, folk dance, creole group, bagpipe group, bandit, guitar, music, four, press, student, crafts and painting. There are inter-institutional agreements with the governmental and non-governmental sector.


The General Directorate of Research attached to the Academic Vice-Rector of the Fermín Toro University, is in charge of the activities carried out in the areas of scientific, humanistic, development, innovation and undertakings proposed by the bodies that make up this higher education institution. In the same way, it is in charge of guiding, planning, integrating and monitoring all those works developed by the university community, thus creating a research agenda that allows the country and the region to contribute quality research and relevance framed in human values..

Fermín Toro University (Venezuela)