San Diego State University Student Review

After I had submitted all the forms and documents (which was very uncomplicated), the SDSU received the acceptance just a few weeks later. After the visa formalities were completed, nothing stood in the way of the semester abroad and we finally went to San Diego at the end of August. From Germany I had already looked for a room ($ 600 a month) with an American lesbian couple who lived downtown. So the annoying problem of looking for an apartment had already been dealt with and in my first week before the start of university I was able to devote myself entirely to exploring the city and overcoming the jet lag.

The University

At Uni-Start there was an introduction to the ALI and a campus tour for all the international students: the university alone is worth the trip, because the campus is really unique and beautifully laid out, lots of green spaces and beautiful buildings; there is also Starbucks, a sushi restaurant, Taco Bell and much more. Right from the start I felt very well looked after, and even if questions arose, there was always a contact person who could help you competently.

I can also highly recommend the Aztec Recreation gym on campus: for $ 25 a month there is a large fitness area with equipment and a weight room, a climbing wall, various courses and a large outdoor swimming pool. Very practical if you have time off between two courses and want to work off a bit of fat
To get into the desired courses, you have to “crash”, ie walk to each course and sometimes beg the lecturer whether you are still allowed to participate. This can take up to 4 weeks and costs a lot of strength, but is worthwhile in most cases. Stay persistent!

Overall, the professors were very nice and competent. The business administration courses are a lot more interesting than I know from Germany, but they are also associated with increased workload: mid-term exams, homework, projects etc … but it is still easy to master. All in all, the level of difficulty is well below the German level, so studying is quite relaxed.

San Diego State University 3

San Diego

According to Usprivateschoolsfinder, the city is just gorgeous, relaxed and has a great Californian flair. La Jolla is unique, and the beach in Coronado is wonderful if you want a bit of peace and quiet. There are also two temples for shopping: Horton Plaza and Fashion Valley. The weather was perfect except for a handful of rainy days in November, even in December you could still walk around in shorts during the day!

Bars and discos

The most popular are Pacific Beach and Downtown San Diego. There are various pubs and bars in PB, which are especially popular on Thursdays; In terms of styling, it’s a bit more relaxed here. Recommended: Bar West, Typhoon, Moon Doggies. Downtown San Diego, on the other hand, is a lot fancier and more expensive, but definitely worth a lot of visits. Recommended: Ivy, Stingaree, on Broadway.


San Diego is a perfect base from which to see a lot around. It’s just a stone’s throw to LA (approx. 2 hours by car) and you should have seen Hollywood, as well as the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulebard, Santa Monica. However, San Francisco has a lot more to offer, as I personally find the city much more beautiful and charismatic: Lombard Street, Alamo Square, Pier 33, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge. There are often cheap flights to Las Vegas, but it is only about 5 hours by car. It is definitely a MUST, as you should have seen this crazy city once in your life: all the hotels and casinos as well as all the clubs where luxury flashes and flashes (Club XS in the Encore Hotel is amazing!).  On Halloween, Santa Barbara is the hotspot for everyone who likes to look at the craziest and tightest costumes. As a woman, it is much cheaper to go to the clubs than the men and the drinks are also given out permanently  Reserve a hotel room in advance so that the little town is bursting at the seams, and bring an extra day with you, as Santa Barbara is also beautiful.
The proximity to Mexico is also very attractive, the border is only a few miles away. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Tijuana myself, but it should be pretty nice.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a car, which meant a lot of bus travel. Anyone who can afford it should definitely get a car, as public transport is a disaster.