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Iraq: travel info

Iraq: travel info

Formalities, visas

Issuing of visas in Germany

Visa Department of the Embassy of Iraq

Riemeisterstraße 20

14169 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 - (0) 30 - 81 48 80

Email: [email protected]

Issuing of visas in Austria and Switzerland:

See under Missions of Iraq in Austria and Switzerland

Import and export of foreign currency

At the moment it is not possible to get information about current currency regulations, there are currently no generally applicable rules - especially since special rules apply to the military, security guards, diplomats and business people. And other people are hardly ever coming into the country at the moment

Import and export of goods

Current duty-free regulations for Iraq are currently not available.

There is an import ban on cell phones, laptops, electrical appliances, mangoes, citrus fruits, dates, coconuts, cotton, henna and sugar cane plants.

An import permit from the health authorities is required for fresh and dried meat as well as dairy products.

An export ban applies to all valuables acquired in the country

Iraq: travel and transport

How do you get to Iraq?

There are direct flights from Frankfurt, Munich, London and Vienna to Erbil and from London and Stockholm to Sulaimaniyya. Further flights go to Iraq via Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Dubai, Tehran and Cairo. There are also civil airports in Baghdad, Basra and Mosul. The largest airline in the country is Iraqi Airways.

The country's ports are currently closed.

Rail connections run from Syria and Turkey to Iraq. However, they are not recommended.

The embassy can provide up-to-date information on which border crossings are currently open.

Travel in the country

Air connections There is currently no civil air traffic in Iraq.


The country has about 40,000 km of paved roads. However, one must also urgently warn against traveling by car, as roadblocks, robberies, kidnappings, suicide bombings and mines can be expected.


The country's rail network covers around 2,000 km. However, we strongly advise against rail travel within the country.

Traffic rules

Since it is currently only possible to move in military-secured convoys in the country, the usual traffic rules in other countries do not apply.

Blood alcohol limit

The official blood alcohol limit in Iraq for drivers of motor vehicles is officially 0.0.

Iraq: Travel Medicine, Vaccinations, and Warnings

Infectious Diseases

The following infectious diseases are to be expected in Iraq, which do not or rarely occur in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

  • Malaria, there is a risk of malaria in the north of the country at altitudes below approx. 1,500 m (1% M. tropica, the rest m. Tertiana)
  • Schistosomiasis
  • cholera
  • Intestinal infections from contaminated food or water, including amoeba, lamblia, salmonella, shigella and worm infestation, as well as all kinds of viruses and bacteria
  • Hepatitis A and B, an infection with hepatitis B, is only possible in people who can come into contact with blood or those who seek sexual contact
  • Kala Azar
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Polio, polio
  • tetanus
  • rabies
  • Typhoid, however, is only at risk of infection for people who come into contact with polluted water or contaminated food

Vaccination recommendations When traveling to Iraq, the same vaccinations are recommended as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Diphtheria, a vaccination against diphtheria should always exist, also in the home country
  • Hepatitis A and B, vaccination against hepatitis B, is only required for people who may come into contact with blood or who are looking for sexual contact.
  • Polio, polio, a vaccination against polio should always exist, also in the home country
  • Tetanus, a vaccination against tetanus, should always exist, also in the home country
  • Rabies, but only for certain risk groups
  • Typhoid, but only in travelers who may come into contact with polluted water or contaminated food

Compulsory vaccination

When entering Iraq, all persons who are older than 1 year and who come from a yellow fever infection area designated by the WHO are required to be vaccinated against yellow fever.

Yellow fever vaccination for children

In most of the countries where yellow fever vaccination is mandatory, this also applies to children over 1 year of age, in some countries even from 6 months. It should be noted that

vaccination against yellow fever had a number of side effects, such as encephalitis. Around two thirds of those affected were children under 6 months. Therefore, under no circumstances should children under this age be vaccinated. But children under one year of age should also not be vaccinated if possible. If in doubt, yellow fever infection areas must then be avoided.

Any vaccination against yellow fever may only be carried out in specially authorized yellow fever vaccination centers!

Malaria prophylaxis

When traveling to the country, malaria prophylaxis is required in certain parts of the country.

Warning notices

Foreign Office (AA) of the Federal Republic of Germany

Citizens' Service

Unit 040

D-11013 Berlin

Tel: 0049 - (0) 30 - 5000 - 2000

Iraq: Embassies and Consulates

Visit Countryaah for a full list of Iraq embassies and consulates in each country around the world.

Iraq embassies and consulates

Representations of Iraq in Germany

German representations in Iraq

The message is currently not operational.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Baghdad

House No. 53, Street 3

Mahala 609 Hay Al-Mansour

Tel: 00964 - 790 - 192 25 543 14 70

E-Mail: [email protected]


Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Villa No. 13, Ainkawa, Erbil

Tel: 009 - 64 - 662 70 06 66

E-Mail: [email protected]


Austrian representations in Iraq

Austria does not have a diplomatic mission in Iraq.

The embassy in Jordan is responsible.

Representations of Iraq in Austria

Embassy in Vienna

Johannesgasse 26

PO Box 599

1010 Vienna

Tel: 0043 - (0) 1 - 713 81 95/-96

0043 - (0) 1 - 713 07 42/-43

0043 - (0) 1 - 713 82 08

E- Mail: [email protected]

Swiss representations in Iraq

Switzerland does not have a diplomatic mission in Iraq.

The embassy in Jordan is responsible.

Representations of Iraq in Switzerland

Embassy in Bern

Elfenstrasse 6

3006 Bern

Tel: 0041 - (0) 31 - 351 40 43

Email: [email protected]






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