Best Travel Time and Climate for Benin

According to neovideogames, Benin is located in West Africa between Togo, Burkina Faso and Niger. The country is considered to be the origin of voodoo. In the former capital, the historical museum houses a throne that rests on human skulls. The mysterious country also has a magnificent nature.

You can book safaris in Benin very well. There are safaris in Pendjari National Park where elephants, hippos and lions can be seen. The cuisine is spicy and a real challenge for some Central European palates.

Best travel time

We recommend the dry season for a trip to Benin. In the rainy season, many paths and roads are difficult or impossible to pass due to the heavy rainfall. However, you should note that the climate in the north differs significantly from that in the south.

In the north , the best travel time is between November and February . At this time of year there is no or comparatively little rain. March and April are generally dry, but the temperatures are so hot that the journey is sometimes difficult.

In the south of Benin, the best time to travel is from December to March and in the months of July and August . The sea is pleasantly warm, the temperatures of 27 to 31 ° C are not too hot and you can expect a lot of sunshine.

Climate in Porto Novo

The maximum temperature in Benin is 30 ° C. In February the thermometer rises to a maximum of 23 ° C. The summer (June to September) with average 30 ° C very warm . In the winter months it is around 25 ° C very warm . During the day, the annual mean temperature in Benin is a warm 27.3 ° C.

At night it gets coldest in February with 17 ° C. The thermometer rarely falls below 24 ° C in September. While the nights in summer are averages of pleasantly warm 22 ° C, the thermometer drops to a warm 19 ° C between November and March. At night, the temperature averages a pleasant 20.3 ° C throughout the year.

The water temperature is up to 25 ° C in September and October, in February, March and April the sea has a maximum of 20 ° C. In the summer months from June to September the water is pleasantly warm with an average of 24 ° C. Between November and March the values ​​are at a pleasantly warm 21 ° C. Over the year, the sea has an average temperature of 22.3 ° C.

With 7 rainy days, September is the rainiest month of the year. From June to September, Benin is very dry with an average of only around 4 rainy days, the winter (November to March) is extremely dry with only 0 rainy days. On an annual average, rain falls on only 1.7 days per month.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Benin