Mens Zara Casual collection more and more surprising for its daring designs and its taboo themes. They are slogans, funny, original and mostly away from what are normally accustomed to see in the rest of the shops. And that is appreciated, thanks, and paid, both two things.

And it is what probably happens with the new that Zara has put on sale in the casual section for men, in the section on t-shirts. A set of three of them inspired by the oldest hobby in the world with greater sexual connotations: the voyeurism. And he is able to/wanted to show it with three basic colors coming to hair: Pink, white and black.

Under phrases such as: “Light my fire in style XXX”, Zara has wanted to break stereotypes and daring with a theme, until now unexplored by the firm. They are colorful, with female figures looking through locks, sensual poses and looks lewd. And all for just 16 euros.

Zara and His T-Shirts for The More Voyeurs
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