York Street–J.Press Younger IVY-Brother

For many preppy fantaster überklassiska J Press stands for one of the more interesting new launches in the form of a younger and more urban line under the name York Street. It is not the first time this iconic institution when it comes to Trad, IVY-league or preppy mode trying to rejuvenate itself.

A few years ago, Mark McNairy was hired as Creative Director and designer, a bet that a company’s customers may not be ready for. However, it is not uncommon for the classic American brands makes a more modern fashion venture via a during collection or own label. Ralph Lauren has its Black Label and RRL, Paul Stuart has Phineas Cole, Brooks Brothers has long Black Fleece together with the legend Thom Browne and now inside the new younger preppylinjen Red Fleece. J Press has thus chosen to join the crowd above and they do it with verve and has line York Street opted to let Ariel and Shimon Ovadia two of the most interesting fashion designers throughout the United States right now to stand for the design. These brothers are pushing their own brand Ovadia & Sons and will in the future also be creatively responsible for J Press bet with York Street. J Press has for this purpose, opened a new store which will bring the line and is located at 304 Bleecher Street located in the trendy Greenwich Village in New York.

The look has its natural DNA from the American östkustkulturen and the traditional fashion with some playful touches. What separates York Street from the firm’s other products is a slimmer silhouette and shorter jackets and trousers. A little more unexpected combinations of materials and thoughtful details. We love this effort and encourages that brands choose to develop in this direction. What do you think?