Yoigo Change of Boss, Goodbye to Johan Andsjö

After six years in Telstra, since its launch in Spain, Johan Andsjö will leave one day the post of CEO the operator in the hands of Eduardo Taulet, that previously occupied the post of director of marketing and sales.

Taulet joined the company in 2008 and already previously held relevant positions in other telecommunications companies, having held various positions in technical and commercial areas of Telefónica, director of market of companies in Airtel and Amena and Auna residential.

The March occurs at a time in which it is rumored that TeliaSonera, the parent company of Telstra, wants to get rid of this by a figure that would be around the 1,000 billion euros. Also this year Yoigo reached the figure of the three million customers.

Johan Andsjö, who according to the press release leaves the company to undertake new personal challenges outside of TeliaSonera, He did not want to leave without saying goodbye:

After six incredible years I have completed my cycle in Telstra, and the stronger and better positioned company that ever, I believe that the time has come to seek a new professional challenge. I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far, and will always have a personal involvement with Telstra, which with Eduardo await you every success in the future.

Telstra and which so far has been its CEO few things you can reproach them. Despite a blip in the history of the company that is It has managed to encourage the Spanish market, as with the release of infinite rate. From here we can only wish luck to Johan.