World Voice Day: Your Glamorous Diva Outfit

On 16 April is the official World Voice Day. A holiday dedicated to the human voice. If we think of the human voice, we probably think of music inevitably. The music industry has been dominated by strong women with strong voices in recent years. 

In the 90s the ladies were Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. At the end of the nineties and the first decade of the new millennium, we remember Jennifer Lopez, Destiny`s Child, Pink, Shakira and Toni Braxton, who gave the tone. Currently the front ranks of the charts of Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea and Lady Gaga are taken permanently. One thing that connects all these great women is their unfailing taste and unique style. The glamorous outfits that they self-confidently wear in their music videos, awarding prizes or as guests at fashion shows affect passionate model-lovers worldwide. Music and fashion are intimately connected, and so the World Voice Day is a great opportunity to awaken the Diva in you and wrap you in a glamorous outfit.

Diva Outfit: Are Not We All A Bit Diva?

Perhaps you have loved it as a little girl, to throw you into a stylish and chic cocktail dress for your mother, to put on too much pumps, to put on a glittering hairband and to sing with an imaginary micro before the mirror playback. Or you have been looking forward to any graduation party, especially because you could perform great ball dresses and elaborate hairstyles on this occasion. And even if you prefer to sleep half an hour longer in everyday life than to wear an extravagant outfit for the day in the university or in the office and to style yourself, it does not mean that no diva is in you. There are days like that, everything just screams in us after an absolutely glamorous outfit. And since there are so many different ideas for Diva Outfits, you can always remain true to your own style. Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, for example, give their diva outfits the certain something through golden accents, sparkling accessories and figurative cuts. To events, they wear stunning robes to dream hair, on the stage superenge sequin dresses and shimmering bodysuits and overalls. Of course, an outfit to be glamorous does not always have to be so conspicuous and not necessarily have to combine all these components together.

Likewise, a simple black and well-fitting cocktail dress can form the basis for your diva outfit.

For this you can combine unusual pumps in trendy python-look or golden straps-high heels.

You do not have to be stingy with the accessories, too. For example, you can emphasize your look with many narrow bracelets, rings or a statement chain.

Finally, you get the finishing touches of your diva outfit with an exciting make-up and a seductive mane.

Royal Style: No Blue Blood Needed

The royal style icon Duchess Catherine makes it with her discreet and still glamorous royal style.When choosing her outfits for galas and other public appearances, she takes special care to ensure a perfect fit and a harmonious overall picture. A diva outfit can also work with simple cuts, minimal accessories and little skin. If you prefer timeless classics, decent colors and feel more comfortable in pants than in dresses and skirts, you can create stunning diva outfits.Combine a tight leather tube in deep black to a waisted shirt in gray from shimmering silk with bat sleeves. Wedges or pumps and an unusual clutch. Further accents you with accessories and styling and perfect is your stylish and glamorous outfit. For every type and taste preference, there are great possibilities to put together glamorous outfits and become the absolute eye-catcher in the royal style. You do not need an occasion for it-with the World of Voice Day you would have one.