Wishlist: Maria FilÓ for C&amp

Have been through the C & A Collection, large collections signed by famous brands: Amir Slama, Stella McCartney, Carina Duek, Reinaldo Lourenço, among others.

And the big news for this month is carioca Maria Filó brand collection. The balcony of the stylist Roberta Ribeiro was to draw the clothes with the strongest features of the mark,

to celebrate the 15 years of existence.

The collection features leather, lace, knitting, floral details, sequins, prints, stripes and metallic luster!!

For those who love the brand and want to get beautiful pieces at a price worthy of Fast Fashion, this is the time!

I made up a wish list for this collection!

This wealth will cover accessories and shoes as well.
For the scholarships: earthy tones and metallic bucket-shaped bag and satchel.
Feet: earth tones, nude and lead. Materials such as Jaguar skin, leather (atanado, nubuck and metallic) and glitter.
Attention to the MUST-HAVE: Boots, flats and Converse in metallic leather and stamped!
Bijoux: Gold, silver and copper with stones in graphite color. Mohammed!
Belts: Skinny models and wide, in the same tones of the bags worked in tressê and elastic.

The collection will debut in stores in Brazil 97 day on March 15. The C & A Collection Maria Filó will be the largest collection ever made for the store, has 60 items in total.
Already start saving the money because it will be very worthwhile.

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