Willem van Hanegem, is nicknamed “the Curve” a former football player who spent the majority of his career as a player and coach for his great love Feyenoord. He is now a columnist and football analyst, and he regularly gives his honest opinion about everything that has to do with football.


Willem van Hanegem was born on 20 February 1944 in the Zealand town of Breskens. William was the son of shrimp fishermen Lo Hanegem’s and Anna van Grol. During a bombing by the allies on the Breskens on September 11, 1944 was both Williams ‘ father, brother and sister were killed.Mother Anna in 1946 moved with his family to Utrecht, where William grew up. Willems biggest hobby was football, and he was therefore found very often on the street. He has also often viewed the education of local club Velox. He stood behind the goal and the shot missed balls back on the field. His wonderful way to fire fell on coach as William asked to play football at Velox Velox and thus became his first football. All within half a year was part of the first team the Velox.
Football Career
After four years the Velox playing Willem was seen by amateur Xerxes Rotterdam, where he played football for two seasons. After this period, Willem offered a contract in 1968 with the largest Dutch football club Feyenoord. Here he soon grew into the big favorite. William was not exactly his speed but that he always said: ‘ You don’t have to be fast, but if you leave in time?. Where many of Hanegem well to remember was to bring down their opponents. An old teammate William said about this?? I was once kicked by a half Toenaer of MVV. William promised me to solve that problem. Two minutes later, Toenaer was lying on a stretcher. ??
His biggest success at Feyenoord won Hanegem in 1970, when he was on May 6 with Dutch Club Feyenoord won the first ever European Cup. The same year also saw the WORLD CUP by beating Argentina’s Estudiantes. 1974 won Feyenoord EM II.
Ben Wijnstekers remembers how, as a small man was facing the big Willem van Hanegem?? I gave a good pass than any good it not, I gave a bad fit so it was wrong. I thought he didn’t like me. William later said to me, ‘ as long as I still swear at you, I see that you’re in?. Wilfred Genee presenter Voetbal International later said?? I know Jan Wouters, but no sweetheart, Jan Water Lander was named William him regularly to cry to rotten barked. Mario Visited also has more than once in tears, went home. ??Many years later referred to Hanegem’s to one of his most games lost because he was chatting to humiliate their opponents than the contest itself?? The day I really wanted to …? He tries not to humiliate the word, but after some pulling and pushing, admits he?? I wish the piepelen, Yes. And it cost us the victory??
In its heyday at Feyenoord Willem van Hanegem played for the Dutch national team, as he lost the final of the 1974 WORLD CUP. Also in 1976 was Hanegem’s Party during the European Championship. In 1978 he was chosen again for the World Cup, but he is expected to sit mostly on the bench, and said.
Willem van Hanegem left at Feyenoord to 1976, where he in 1972 the route was the first football player in the Dutch professional soccer was given a yellow card. After Feyenoord left Hanegem is to play football at AZ ‘ 67. Through his boundless popularity led to much disappointment among Feyenoord fans.After three years AZ ‘ 67 have played Willem played football for one season for the American Chicago Sting. After returning to the Netherlands to play football from Hanegem three seasons for FC Utrecht, after which he returned to his great love Feyenoord. After two seasons, he finished his football career in 1983. From this time Hanegem’s has some money and friends organize a charity match at De Kuip. The tax authority took generous?? Because of his achievements for the country?? The net proceeds distributed: 900 000 guilders. During this final match Willem van Hanegem’s was symbolic of the referee CHARLES CORVER is sent with a red card on the field. He was then among the loud cheers carried by his teammates on the shoulders of the field.
Career coach
Immediately after van Hanegem quit football, he was an assistant coach in Feyenoord coach Thijs Libregts during the season 1983-1984. In this successful season Feyenoord won both the Championship and the National Cup, including players such as Johan Cruyff and Ruud Gullit. After leaving Feyenoord William was assistant coach of FC Utrecht, and then head coach at FC Wageningen and USV Holland. Both were Willem van Hanegem only one active season as head coach. After his time at USV was William again moved to Feyenoord, will be here between 1992 and 1995 head coach of Feyenoord 1. In 1993 graduated from Hanegem’s Feyenoord League title, and in 1994 and 1995 he won the National Cup. Despite these rates William was fired in 1995 for Feyenoord because of disappointing results.
After Feyenoord Willem van Hanegem was 1995 coach of Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia. In a season where he won the League title, this coach and Arab CHAMPIONSHIPS After a season Hanegem’s loved it again seen, and returned to the Netherlands. Here he practiced for two years AZ, Sparta and one year between 2002 and 2004 he was assistant coach of the Dutch national team during Cock Advocaat. After this period, decided to stop Willem van Hanegem as football coach. He was at this time, a regular on TV as a football analyst, and wrote columns for the newspaper.
When FC Utrecht in July 2007 by William knocked he decided to go back on its decision. The first season went well, but the second season turned into a complete fiasco. All four assistant coaches were dismissed in October 2008, followed by Hanegem’s during a time called in sick. He was replaced at that time by his new Assistant, Ton du Chatinier. Eventually Hanegem’s december 2008 also dismissed.According to the Club, there was no longer a basis for continuing cooperation. The decision also followed with some very critical remarks by Hanegem’s in the media. Here he named Frans van Seumeren, since april 2008, the new owner of FC Utrecht, a submarine that doesn’t know how to run a club. ”
Since 2008, see Willem van Hanegem as analyst for the Eredivisie Live, and he still writes columns for the AD. Then again, he has seen several times in the TV program Voetbal International. After a period of time have had a fight Willem van Hanegem, Johan Derksen their quarrel recently settled. In January 2012, took over from Hanegem Derksen again fool of yourself by doing a parody of the commercial Derksen of the Dutch energy company. In March 2014 took Hanegem again strongly points to Wilfred Genee, presenter of WE. Genee believed that William had a job at Feyenoord “angled”. Willem van Hanegem would fulfil an advisory role with Feyenoord, but did in July announced here yet to abandon. Van Hanegem was a sense that not everyone thought it was a good idea.
Private life
In 1963, Willem van Hanegem married Hilda. Hilda quickly became one of the most famous and beloved women in football history. But during a photo shoot in 1983 William met the thirteen years younger superMariAnna Beuningerstraat that he immediately fell in love. Willem: “If you had told me a month before I was to leave, I would have responded, you’re out of your head,” he said years later. “And yet it happens. It’s happening to you and then hops. You feel that you can’t go back. While I was there before the players started the car when I heard they went out on their wives. ?? Go and go. Out. No longer with me in the car. ?? I understood nothing of it; I was thinking, it does not exist. “After twenty years of marriage ended in divorce Hilda in court. Hilda, supported by three lawyers, earning money that William had at the time. Johan Derksen?? He left the courtroom without making a dime. He took all the best, are Hilda and children out well. ??
Notes information

  • “If I’ve learned anything in the Trainer course? Yes, a couple of cigarettes. “
  • “Smoking is bad. Especially the curtains. “
  • “This is the plague with which mobile phones. Two years ago at the European Championships also call all. 1974 we didn’t have cell phones. Not even a suitcase with homing pigeons. “
  • “As a player, she made me never to run after after a goal. I had not for speed. “
  • “A professor is supposed to be self-critical, I hear very few players say. It was once again today is nothing to brag about in the shower about two good things they have done in a game. “
  • “A really good game, I have never played under me. My best game was my last game for to be, but then it’s also not really happen. “
  • “Slot playing too close Eve. Oh, I still get confused with Engelaar vacation. “
  • “Wilfred Genee has as much about football as a cow jump rope.”
  • “All in all, I can not say that the Germans are my best friends.”
  • “De Kuip is a real football stadium, Arena still strange thing”
  • “The ‘ free ‘ public of Orange I can’t draw”
  • “Twente image helps SOAP football with Collard Greens”
  • “Ajax TV Eredivisie Live sickeningly arrogant”
  • “It seemed that president Vitesse in the Efteling was”
  • “Judges can call me for help.”
  • “What we used to do sometimes when we had a chance at the Championship, and we were at a Club and there were players still wanted to, since we sometimes said: Hey, calm down, because Feyenoord’s interested you!??
  • “A mental coach, we also once had. Then we had to stand in a corner and watch a place. After six weeks,?? He was gone. “
  • “The judge has the shape of a police”
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