With these tips, you will find the right shorts for your figure.

We wear shorts now rather than rock. Type styled this summer of every woman is!

Female & Classic Trouser Skirt

The Culottes conjures up curves and seems more feminine than the typical shorts. He looks good to Blazers and blouses and is an ideal companion in the Office. With pumps, it is really chic. The look looks the same casual sweater and sandals. Narrow tops create the right proportions.

What Shorts are Right for Me 1

Culottes approx. 40 euro, Gr. 32-44, synthetic fibre, Topshop. Polka dot blouse around 60 euros, GR 36-46, synthetic fibre, Zalando. Linen Blazer around 60 euros, Gr. 34-46, linen mix, mango. Toe sandal approx. 100 euro, Gr. 36-42, leather, Görtz

Delicate & Elegant With Pleats

Especially androgynous types of women get extra curves through the small wrinkles. The pleats are always fine and love soft fabrics on their side. Long, narrow upper parts are a perfect contrast to the voluminous short form. The footwear must be quiet flat. Masculine models are perfect here.

Pleated shorts approx. 40 euro, Gr. 32-44, synthetic fibre, Topshop. Sweater approx. 80 euro, Gr. 34-46, silk mix, Expresso. Sleeveless Tuxedo vest about 100 euro, Gr. 32-44, synthetic fibre, Expresso. Suede slipper approx. 90 euro, Gr. 36-41, suede, mango

What Shorts are Right for Me 2

MODERN & ELEGANT with lace shorts

Shorts with black or white lace parts need necessarily casual combination partner in Payhelpcenter. Denim pieces fit well, as well as the sporting shoes. In the evening we like elegant with Blazer or blouse. Tip: The shorts in doubt rather a number greater than buy, make it look casual.

Lace shorts about 80 euros, size XS-L, synthetic fibre, Zaatari. Sleeveless blouse around 29 euros, Gr. 34-46, synthetic fibre, C & A. jeans jacket approx. 40 euro, size XS-L, BW-mix, Kaufhof. Espadrille approx. 40 euro, Gr. 36-42, leather, Zalando


Do you dare! The waist pants conjures up a great silhouette and is so convenient. We balance the wide pants shape with T-Shirts, we’re in the U.S., again. Beginners combine plain parts, fashion brave also pattern can help. At the shoe factory, we are wonderfully flexible.

What Shorts are Right for Me 3

Shorts about 40 euros, size XS – L, synthetic fibre, Zara. Shirt about 20 euros, size XS – XL, linen, mango. Jacket 80 euros, size XS – XL, BW-mix, Anna Scott. Sandal approx. 60 Euro, Gr. 36-41, leather, Görtz

Tips For Cool Evenings

Leggings – the Jack of all trades: when it’s time something cooler, leggings are great helpers. Choose best opaque leggings without bells and whistles, which consist of thin, synthetic materials. They are smoother and better sitting under the shorts. Models, ranging all the way down to the ankle, are ideal. You do not interrupt the silhouette of the legs. When choosing a shoe, we are flexible: ballerinas or Sandals for daytime, pumps or Peeptoes in the evening.

What Shorts are Right for Me
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