Vintage Revision: the Denim Neuw Now Also in Germany

The term “vintage revision” describes the philosophy, mode of production and the style of the Denimbrand new. The Australian label is committed to the goal, to develop this ultimate jeans that accompanies the whole life and inspiration for this from the best of the past. The founder of the label believe that a modern jeans can be only exceptionally, when the classic denimheritage is preserved.

Due to this belief, I collected the best jeans cuts, materials, details and washes of the last 100 years. After presenting traditional patterns and cutting techniques, the jeans to tailored, substances developed and modern interprets. This approach is new under “vintage revision” summarized-“respect the heritage, embr ace of the future” in addition to Denimteilen the new collection offers shirts, shirts, tops & dresses for men and women.

You hot Iggy skinny, Lou Slim, Johnny Tapered Jimmy Straight leg, Marilyn high skinny leg, Françoise straight leg & Janis boot leg jeans and their fits are influenced by the jeans icons of past eras. Each of these cult jeans was dedicated to a person available for style, talent and a lifestyle, which each of us would have like to seen. Vintage revision is new’s answer to the challenge a modern jeans just as timeless and hip to make, such as for example the jeans of James Dean, a true denim rebels. By Johnny to Janis, NEUW Jeans are epic.

NEUW denim differs not only by its vintage philosophy from other Denimlabels, looking after the ultimate washing also the classic Indigo developed coloring. Black Colour is an elegant alternative to the classic Indigo jeans. A wash with color depth of Indigo, made in one of the world’s oldest, still-active Denimfabriken. This collection is every season in new colors, ranging from berries green nuances. The Black Colour Stretch Slim Jeans there run high-waist and low-waist.