The nights of September have something other than the August. The sunsets are increasingly early, the heat less intense and more warm clothes. However, in many parts of Spain, is still mild weather for a while, and that’s what these two have liked options with which Jude Law made public appearance a few weeks ago.

We all know that Law is the King of the bare pants and camiseta-chaqueta combination, and yet it did not want to renounce them. The idea is very good, because it makes that continue to have that cool and casual touch of the summer. However, I think that with her second look he wanted to loop the loop too.

I love the bare pants and shoes (even if hurts to some that’s not wearing socks), but that already seems too is the idea to wear a jacket with nothing underneath. I don’t know if it will be the perspective of photography, but doesn’t seem to carry either shirt or t-shirt, unless it is one with a huge maxicuello (for the case, is the same, because it does take it if it is going to cause the same optical effect).

What Jude Law look you get to start September with right foot?

Two Jude Law Looks to Start September
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