The first tulle skirt being credited was used by the Ballerina Marie Taglioni, the classic ballet La Sylphide, in Paris in 1832. Since then, she has won many versions and styles: from short to long dramatic, cute rocker to romantic. Regardless of model, one thing is certain: the fashion has always been in love with her.

Although always appears in looks of street style around the world, the last time I was there for 90 years was fever. How not to remember, for example, of Carrie Bradshaw with your short at the opening of Sex and The City? Well, as other fashions of the Decade, this classic is back and let any combination far more fashion. Ah, but nothing of short pieces. The model of the time is MIDI. Come see how to combine:

Tulle skirt + Leotard + sneaker

The classic combination of Ballet can get pretty ridiculous? No! Look beautiful and supercontemporânea. The tip is to bet on colors that don’t refer to the romantic. To complement, bet on a maximum accessory.

Tulle skirt + shirt + rocker flatform

To assemble the look descoladinho don’t miss it: bet on good old-fashioned band t-shirt. To break with the visual “teenager of the year 2000”, invest in a good modern type shoe, as the metallic flatforms. Is accurate!

Tulle skirt + shirt + coletão + tailoring pumps

And the skirt of tulle can also make nice in the office look! Combine it with tailoring and coletão. Looks great! To add even more fashion information, go to white pumps.

Tulle Skirt: The Romantic Piece Around 90 Years With New Style