Trunk Clothiers London Celebrating 3 Year Anniversary

Although we at Manolo in recent years increasingly has come to highlight the Italian companies and brands when it comes to stylish fashion so you can’t get away from that very precisely for the classic and tailored fashions originated in London. 

We can sometimes think that the British classic fashion can tend to be a bit stereotyped and well classical. However, there are exceptions, and as of this week, Manolo making a British venture and promote brands, manufacturers and stores, mainly from London that we feel able to take the British craft tradition into the 21st century and has that little something extra that appeals to us.

In order to actually offer you something really interesting we travel to London at the end of this week and can already tempted with an array of interesting visit that the coming weeks will be shown here.

First, and perhaps least “British” of what we want to highlight on our London theme, is Trunk Clothiers, a store whose shop we have previously written about here on the Manolo.The store founded by Swede Mats Klingberg, three years ago, recently celebrated the 3-year anniversary. An evening that was celebrated with a party at the shop and which includes a representative from Drake’s sewed the last element on marine blue kashmirslipsar that the store had selected as commemorative model.

The shop is under us right now one of London’s most interesting with a delightful mix of Italian, Swedish and Japanese. It is located in the cosy Marylebone just north of Oxford Street. Just the feeling in the store and the mix of brands gives a just right dose hiptster, sprezz, classic and fashion. Some of the brands Trunk sells is Drake’s, Camoshita, Gitman Bros., Beams+, Boglioli, Our Legacy, Alden, Aspesi, Caruso, Glanshirt, Macintosh etc.

Have you not passing London so there is a certain range represented on their webshop;