Trends Summer 2011: Pink Shoes FIuò

The trends for the ‘summer 2011 begin to come out and explode in the newspapers, in blogs, on the street and even in the office! Certainly divide the minds of the shoe trend fluò pink, pink shocks rests on our shoes and shines our legs! Sure it’s not you can always wear these shoes but I think that one of the prerequisites for being trendy and fashionable is a bit ‘chutzpah … well it also takes this to show off the fuchsia shoes, right?

Trends Summer 2011 Pink Shoes FIuò 1

Pink is a color very loved by women and that, in some way also reveals a bit ‘of our character.You are chicks from powder pink, candy pink, dusty rose, pink or pink Barbie fluò?

What is certain that the rose must have spring summer 2011 is to fluò, exaggerated, flashy and cocky that is going to put on sandals, on heeled, on wedges, on and on heeled boots, but also luck on sneakers and ballerinas!

Trends Summer 2011 Pink Shoes FIuò 2

If you want to ride the trends of the season, do not overdo it, you can bet on the little formula: simple models + bright colors at the blog.

So that is, choose low sandals, flats, flip flops or sneakers even daring colors!

Trends Summer 2011 Pink Shoes FIuò 3

You who are your intentions? pink shoes fluò you, or not?

Pisamonas Summer Shoes Sales

for boys and girls!

All Pisamonas store now has a 15% discount… but only for a few days!

They have already arrived. Here are Pisamonas of summer sales, your child shoe-making confidence where you find shoes quality, making national and with much more than affordable prices online. For baby, boy, girl and woman!

Hurry up because all of our shoes will be even cheaper from this Thursday July 14 until the next 25th of the same month. Also, any product, both in the shop and the physical store we have in Madrid.

It may be time to surrender to the comfortable Summer of Espadrilles. They are like the life and continue succeeding as always between summer shoes and slippers. Available up to size 45 for men and women, this year so well can follow the trend of Mini fashion & Me in the family, which consists of going same dads or moms with children, would you like?

Also to take into account our Sandals and Menorquinas. Major allies when heat threatens to melt you to you and your loved ones. In classic version or new proposals as trendy as the Napa mirror Special Edition Menorquinas and white sole, that now on sale you leave from €23.75.

Don’t let the heat! In summer, choose fresh and breathable shoes whenever possible. As the rubber-toed canvas sneakers, a classic of our catalogue that you can now get from just 15.25 euros, in sizes from 21 to 41. And more from the spring-summer season!

Then, for the children, not so kids, look ‘of label’, Pisamonas offers Blücher’s canvas shoes with base type espadrille, up to size 41 and from € 20.35. A phenomenal choice of children’s footwear for summer rides by day and by night.


The hottest part of the day should not delude itself. There is no way to avoid the heat in summer, but it is possible to combat it with cooler footwear. As with the Sandals of leather Lisa crusade, in sizes from 24 to 34, from only € 19.50 for a few days.

And to brag about with elegant outfits Sandals for leather, nubuck and Glitter girls, you will love up to size 36 from €22.90 in our sales. With them you guys happy.

And for the smaller principitos, babies, we have the Sandals type Pepito, up to 19 size, allow them to go with the feet protected, comfortable and fresh.


And dedicated to those who endure not still in sunshade or tread less than a pezquenin towel, Pisamonas also has the suitable footwear. Our range of crabeater seals will make you fly in water and land. Both for children and for girls.

Examples such as the shoes for beach and pool Bondi, up to size 34 and from € 14.87 to apply the discount, allow them to have a children’s all-terrain footwear when it is bath time. Entering and exiting the water.

The Crabeater Igor model tennis or shoes for kids neoprene type are also excellent options for those who are pioneers of adventure. Go get the Red fish will not be never more a problem for the feet, given that this footwear protects them from scratches and slipping feet.

And remember, send it to you free to where you tell us, where you are going on vacation or where you are most comfortable!

Happy shopping and sales in Pisamonas. We make it very easy.

Bottero Spring Summer Shoes

Spring summer always brings colorful, fun and vibrant colors to warm up the fashion shoes. Many new features, many cute shoes, with feet full of style.

The brand Bottero chose and bet on some colors trends color palettes of summer fashion 2011-2012 for the brand shoes, such as blue, red, pink, earthy tones and a little nude. The dominant colors of the collection for the station is blue and red, appearing with more emphasis. Which color do you prefer?

The collection spring-summer 2011-2012 Bottero brings creeping Sandals (which are whooping cough of all summer), sandals heels, many sneakers, oxfords and some espadrilhos (= espadrille). The site I LOVE SHOES brings a selection of summer 2012 collection of Bottero.

The sandals with (creeping) appear with many applications on flowers, foliage, drawings that look like butterflies and bring the air of spring to your feet. The sandals are with many, many cops. In practice, who owns the foot (top) taller may have difficulty finding the sandal to be comfortable on the foot.

Leather detail leaked is that appears strongest in the shoes (sandals, slippers, shoes in General). The leather gives a more rustic character cast shoes and, at the same time, very elegant. The Bottero brings different works with this leather and certainly this is a differential of the brand to win the market competition this season. Furadinho with charm!

The anabela sole can come in Cork, materials that resemble wood or other rustic materials. The Cork itself can come using the tressê technique. Country air in the sole anabela.

Speaking of the tressê technique, the oxford of Bottero and some sneakers appear with this kind of work. All very beautiful and charming!

White appears shy to illuminate the feet. For those who cannot do without a white shoe in the summer.

Bring your comment “expert” lover of shoe and comment on what you like best! Leave your guess in the comments.