The holiday season change the routine of anyone, but pregnant women should take special care to get the most out of this period

End of year is traditionally the time to wait. Expect the year to end well, the year is better than what ends, and that many good things happen. But while most person expects the arrival of Santa Claus, some women await eager for another visit, the stork.

Facing the holidays when you’re pregnant, it can be a true test of endurance for many future moms, especially the first-timers. In addition to running from the diet, the holidays, travel and shopping can transform radically the routine of mommies, which anyone can be great, but for pregnant women is not always a good thing.

To avoid the inconvenience caused by this breach of routine, some doctors suggest that, on behalf of the welfare of the mother and the baby, these changes are minimized as much as possible, with the postponement of trips, the control of gastronomic excess and anything that might compromise the rest and tranquillity that this period requires.

Of course, pregnancy need not in any way be regarded as a disease, except in cases of pregnancy, but the higher the tranquility in this period, the greater the reason to enjoy the festivities next year with a healthy, happy child in her lap.

So you can enjoy the best your end of year with stomach and everything, we have selected some valuable tips. Check out pregnant leggings:

Power supply

Resist temptation and goodies that usually appear on the table only once a year is difficult for any mortal to be an evil ask a pregnant woman refrain from any one of them. However, with a little discipline, you can enjoy all the delights without making exaggerations.

If the menu is pretty varied, as traditionally occurs in the suppers by country, no release to eat for two, as this can worsen the symptoms of poor digestion and trigger problems like heartburn and even food poisoning.

As the Christmas dinners and meals in General during the holidays tend to occur later than usual, don’t forget to feed every 3 hours. In this case, the tip is to take the opportunity to eat small portions of food at the time as nuts and dried fruit. At the time of the toast, forget the alcohol and prefer water or juice.


Time to get out the malls or shopping centers in search of gifts, pregnant women should redouble attention. As the blood circulation is affected in this period, the pressure tends to be lower and hiking for long periods carrying gift bags can be harmful.

Not to get into trouble, it’s time to go to the Mall shopping, go always accompanied to get help in time to carry the bags, and to help if you experience nausea or dizziness. Choose clothes and comfortable shoes and don’t neglect hydration and even food. If the purchases are in street shops, in addition to these cautions, prefer to go in the morning, when the heat is not so intense and the stores tend to be more empty and don’t forget your sunscreen, because during pregnancy the risk of developing skin spots is greater.

While shopping, to feel tired, sit down and rest. When you get home, look to stand with your legs up, to prevent swelling and regain your energy.


The trips must be made only with the approval of your doctor. In the final stretch of pregnancy they are advised against, especially if they are long, which causes tiredness is larger.

Make sure that your doctor will be available for any eventuality during the holidays, or if you have a replacement who can help you, if you cannot call your doctor.

If you go to the beach or the swimming pool, in addition to constant hydration and sunscreen, avoid getting exposed in the period between 10 and 16 hours. Take care with certain foods sold on the beach, give preference to fruit and snacks that you can prepare and take to the beach packed in thermal reservoirs.

Avoid keeping the Bikini wet for too long to avoid irritation, itching, and other troublesome infections in the genital region. When it is wet, replace the bottom part for a crisp crust.

In more, choose an outfit that matches the mother hen your style and enjoy your new year with the certainty that in the next, you will have a new and beautiful reason to celebrate.

Tips To Enjoy The Year-end Festivities Being Pregnant
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