Threadflip: Second Hand Shopping Times Differently

You said a few years ago even that clothes wore second hand, it was some one laughed and immediately packed in some hippie drawer. Last but not least thanks to several stars vintage is hand shop now hip and trendy and shopping at a flea market or a second anything but stuffy and old-fashioned. Sure, that the online market here also draws with.

The buying and selling is booming on the Internet, whether you look now on eBay, rummages in classifieds for nice new pieces or but cool and alternative projects, such as dress swap parties retreats. The market is still growing. In the United States, the portal “Threadflip” here at the moment is the absolute hit.

At first glance there are not necessarily that’s second hand clothes and Accessories is. The whole thing is made up like a modern online shop and reminds one of platforms like Pinterest. Incidentally are the good bits on Threadflip rather than second hand, but referred to as “pre-loved”.

Threadflip is clearly on the rise, not least because proposals such as the “white glove service”. While you have to worry not even to the set of objects that you want to sell. On request a direct prepaid box will be sent to one, to you then simply put the desired pieces. They then go to the team of Threadflip that photographing things and adjust. You have to wait just waiting for his money. Let’s see how long it takes to portals and services such as these in Germany make school…