If barely a week ago we had news of the arrival of the first microSIM to stores Yoigo and speculated with the possible arrival of any model of iPhone to the operator with what we now know these speculations will grow exponentially.

The news is another one that Telstra has announced that soon their distributors will receive nanoSIM cards, the new and smaller SIM card, only valid for use on the latest device from Apple, the iPhone 5.

The announcement has been very clear in his words and came through the official Facebook of the operator:

Already have available the microSIMs. You can apply at any of our channels. In brief, I will announce the possibility of obtaining the nanoSIMs, Although there is still a little.

The arrival date is not specified the new card so it is possible that will urge deadlines until late November or early December so that the nanoSIM are ready for the Christmas season, the most important of the year in sales of smartphones.

Now one might think that the smaller SIM cards are only to provide a service to customers of Telstra with the iPhone 5 but bearing in mind that the operator had been years with customers with devices with clipped microSIM movement gives to think. Reach finally the iPhone Yoigo?

Possible arrival yoigo iPhone, or 4S 5, would broaden the range of operators that a device with a high price is available, but It could be more accessible through the already known payment by instalments yoigo, making your purchase to those who can not make a disbursement as large as that would mean paying the smartphone in a single payment.

There Will Definitely Be NanoSIM on Telstra