There Is Munich’s Most Beautiful Vintage Dirndls at Begipsy

Who has yet no (new) Dirndl, who must quickly get into heaven of Bayer(Inne)n: Daniela Wolf, owner of’be Gipsy-it lecture twice’ has again distinctive vintage Dirndls on offer. “The style of the 70s is today often copied-we have the originals,” says the bubbly Munich. In the pre – and Oktoberfest periods, the Dirndl Metin come equal droves in the little gem in the fork Samuel RT 68. Looking around is the hip Munich here also: unusual accessories, shoes and bags by luxury labels or charming jewelry.

“A Dirndl makes cleavage or high closed a Catcher of every woman, whether deep”, the Dirndl specialist says. “It is simply unbeatable female for over a hundred years by his figure-hugging cut.” And one thing is almost certain: If you buy a retro-Dirndl with Dani, who is not a second time at the Oktoberfest see it.

Throughout the year fashionistas browse at beGipsy by Danis fashion treasure box. From the Jimmy Choos on the Louis Vuitton bag up to offbeat items. Dani accurately and with expert eye from her collection a favorite piece after another conjures up: Typgerecht, stylish and with small stories of some prominent Vorbesitzerinnen. So it certainly can happen to buy much more than you actually wanted: but the purse is happy. As with beGipsy, the favorite tracks are namely secondhand cheap!