We are in the more aggressive Christmas campaign the history of the Spanish market in terms of rates and if the war started by Yoigo with its infinite in summer has been replicated in more or less average for the other operators, this Christmas upgrades return for all customers.

The Yoiguizacion continue simplifying the offer of the fourth mobile operator which from now on will feature four contract rates (all with a minimum of) 1GB mobile internet included and with reduction up to 128 Kbps), two rates prepaid and a single rate of mobile internet to navigate from computer.

New debut single rates available for hiring since December 10 until January 31 Although you can enjoy forever. The rest of old rates are discontinued although in force for those who already they have them activated while they choose not to move by one of the new.

Infinite 39 existing customers will automatically have 2 GB for the same price and may change to the infinite 30 without penalty. In addition they disappear all the stays in tarifa and only shall stay with the operator where to facilitate the purchase of a new mobile. Details on what’s new in grant from smartphones will detail it them in a few minutes.

Among the changes coming with the sixth birthday of Telstra, also highlights the replacement of all data rates (in prepaid and contract both to navigate through the phone and the computer) for a single fee of 1 GB with reduction of speed to 128 Kbps the rest or with possibility of adding so many bonds of 1 extra GB for 9 euros How is required.

The Yoiguizacion Rates War Reignites in Card and Contract