The Various Features of Ceiling Fixed Rails for Curtains

The rails are the items used in the windows to hang the curtains. The ideal is to choose the style that suits the place where they are installed, whether in a home, office, hotel or doctor’s office. The rails may be objects that will feature exclusive to the environment.

Each rail style may vary in width, thickness, shape and durability, depending on the function and the predicted frequency of use of curtains that will be used by them, and some blinds can be operated manually and other electronically.

Although they have similar functionality, rails and rods are completely different. The rails allow greater movement for the blind. The rods do not generally lengthen the length of the walls, no bending nor extending from adjacent walls, restricting the view.

In environments such as hotels, they are usually installed with more robust rails because the curtains need to be more resistant due to the high turnover of guests. These models are more resistant than those used at homes.

As for environments such as medical or SPA rooms rails are recommended mounted on the ceiling to 45 ° or 90 °. This model maintains privacy specific area of ​​a distant wall or located in the middle of the room.

The style ceiling mounted oval format is used in environments such as bathrooms. It has some accessories that make it easy to move the curtain hanging from the ceiling to the bottom rather than side to side as the usual curtains. Lower curtain provides more flexibility in relation to the desired level of privacy.

You can also install a rail that allows the curtains operated electronically. Motorized blinds provide more flexibility in the joint part, limiting physical touch to the curtains, helping to extend the life of them and reducing the oiliness in touch with your hand or debris.

Another trend is to use the tracks in plaster crown molding, which can give a more modern design for the site. They “hide” the tracks giving a more relaxed and chic air. It is important to remember that the tracks are not installed directly on the plaster, which is usually placed on the slab.


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