The Summer Season Brings Again The Navy Style. There is no Shortage Of Inspiration

The navy is a classic trend in fashion history and basically is on the rise when summer arrives. Inspired by sailors and nautical elements, the fashion arose at the beginning of the years 1920, consecrated by the fashion designer Coco Chanel, an impassioned by the striped shirts and uniforms that sailors wore. In fact, she was one of the first women to adopt the style. Dare to wear a pants inspired by the Navy men’s clothing.

You also enjoy? So know that the navy (nautical) is based on striped pieces and three primary colors. Want to get in the mood? So bet on stripes, in nautical prints with anchors, ropes, ships and chains, mix colors like Navy, white and red, invest in gold accessories and modeling with Ruffles, tailoring and high waist.

Keep an eye on these tips and will be ready to parade full of bossa in summer 2017.

The Navy is a classic combination. In smooth version and more adjusted to the body can be used with all those larguinhas pieces you have in your closet, like pants or even a flared skirt. See here.

There is no doubt. The summer comes and the navy leaves the fashion wardrobe. But don’t think that the productions are worth just to the edge of the beach. Want to let the look of the work lighter and suitable to the station? Bet on basic shirts to rescue the nautical. See here.

The navy style – despite being very associated with the dispossessed looks-can also give time most stylish productions. Why not use a one-piece striped? The dress leaves his wife always well-dressed and in addition is practical. See here.

To enter the nautical weather you don’t need to go around just in the stripes. The combination between some of the colors that mark the style – red, white, Navy Blue–characterize the proposal. See here.

On the beach, the navy is more than welcome. Why, even the bikinis are out and accompany the trend also for fashion beachwear. See here.