The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sold in Europe Are Failures with The Volume

It seems that the Korean giant Samsung could not have done all the work properly for the launch in Europe of the Galaxy Nexus, and it seems that many users are reporting bad behavior of the terminal when changing the volume with the side buttons.

Apparently, the ruling only a certain number of terminals, suffer it although it seems that it has acquired a certain importance, since after a survey carried out on xda-developers, it seems that around the 60% of the terminals would be affected.

Apparently, what happens is that after pressing one of the sound, the control buttons begins to vary randomly, activating even vibration and losing control of the volume. The curious thing about the case is that they have managed to reproduce the error in various scenarios, although it seems that normally this problem only affects when the terminal It makes use of the GSM 900 MHz band, either GPRS or Edge, thus only the European terminals would be affected.

As you can see in the video that we leave, the problem seems more hardware than software, but the truth is that not all devices are affected. Only wait for the output in our country the terminal, to check if it is really the only one item that is damaged or if the problem is reproduced in all European phones, that could delay the launch in the rest of the markets.

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