At the end of may Yoigo He presented two new rates that were called to revolutionize industry, one that promised unlimited, the infinite, and another with a price per minute very low in addition to an interesting bonus of Internet, the two.

In principle both would be available only in a promotional manner until the 31st of August, date after which the infinite was made permanent, but moving up in price, while that of 2 lengthened another month more but we now know his step to the official offer of the operator.

The Telstra two stays and unlike infinite rate, which rose from 30 to 39 euros your monthly fee while eliminating their stay of 18 months, will maintain their unchanged characteristics.

In this way the two will remain one of the rates, with the usual establishment of 15 cents call, price per minute lower, two cents. Your bonus data will also continue unchanged, offering 1 Gb of maximum speed sailing for nine euros per month.

Following the introduction of this fee several were virtual operators who replied yoigo, with similar conditions for bonus data but lowering the price per minute to even zero cents, with restrictions on the duration of the calls, as did Másmovil with its zero rate.

The Rate of The Two Remains Definitely in Yoigo