The MicroSIM Finally Become a Telstra Would Be about The IPhone?

Much has been speculated, above all from the words of Eduardo Taulet, new head of Telstra after the departure of Johan Andsjö to Orange Switzerland, in which he said that if their customers asked for the addition of the iPhone to the catalogue of the operator.

But the thing this closer than can that now ever even if not we would be talking about the latest version of the best selling Apple but the 4S. The reason? After years Telstra finally has microSIM card, an almost historical fact.

After years in which the dealers and customers of the company have had them is to devise your SIM card into a microSIM to make use of the previous iPhone or other models that make use of this type of cards Yoigo has begun to send cards to your resellers.

Now that is now the iPhone 5 with an even smaller than the microSIM, the new nanoSIM, SIM card it is when Telstra finally made with these cards, It can be that you due to the high number of Samsung Galaxy SIII sold by the operator or by the upcoming inclusion of new terminals in its offer.

With a period where sales of terminals are multiplied, Christmas, cabe think that Telstra wants to give a boost to its sales with the inclusion of some of the Apple brand devices that make use of the microSIM. Or reach also the nanoSIM soon Yoigo?