It’s hard to think of anything more detestable on the internet that the pop-up (but not impossible, mind you). The little window that jumps out of nowhere on the monitor was created in the 90s, when the programmer Ethan Zuckerman invented as a solution for advertising.


At the time he worked on site and the internet still in its infancy in business models. What was more profitable was selling advertising, especially linked to the user’s tastes, based on the most visited pages for him.

There was only one problem: with banners, companies could end up having your product linked to the subject of the site where it was being announced – was one of those cases that gave rise to pop-up: “we invented when a large company cars flipped out for purchasing a banner in anal sex page, “said Zuckerman in copyright article in the Atlantic.

So the solution was to take the page ad, but still ensure that it would be seen. That is, make it arose in another window. “I’m sorry. Our intentions were good, “he says.

In the article, entitled “The original sin of the internet”, Zuckerman talks about advertising on the web and the model used today. Finally, you end up falling on the topic of privacy, claiming that it is necessary to pay in any way for the content that is consumed – even free, as we know, have a price: usually the user information. “It’s time to start paying for privacy, to support services that we love, and abandon those that are free, but we sell as a product,” he concludes.


“The Intention was Good”: Creator of Pop-up Apologizes for Internet