As expected, the two rates announced at the beginning of the summer in Yoigo they returned to revolutionize the Spanish market doing that the other network operators would have to react with similar proposals, stays with us at least for can be contracted at least during the month of September.

September 1 begins a new course of Telstra without Johan Andsjö to the head that could change some objectives of the company in regard to the rates, the infinite and of 2 will remain available to everyone within the Telstra offer with some nuance in the infinite.

While that of the 2 will remain unchanged, Infinite you never have compulsory permanence While not take next to a terminal to deadlines but change It will raise the monthly fee for new activations to 39 euros. 10 euros more per month than the similar of Amena but not include messages but with the possibility of facilitating the purchase of a smartphone.

Regarding terminals, as featured innovations that until now only in Movistar, Yoigo Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 becomes with portability for 69 euros more 10 euros per month 18 months (249 euros in total) and prepaid in the ZTE Kis for 89 euros (or 5 euros/month in the contract), a smartphone with Android 2.3, screen of 3.5 inches, 3.2 camera megapixels and 800 MHz processor highlights.

The Infinite Yoigo by 39 without Permanence, Stays of 2 and Joins The Samsung Galaxy 2 Ace in September