The Infinite Rate Catapult to Telstra Up to The 3.5 Million Customers, Target Set for End of Year

If there was an operator who, in the first half of the year, seemed to He had lost the way that era Yoigo. Rates and very similar to the old Spanish operators strategies were intimidating its image and its results.

In fact it was in May when they jumped all alarms in the company: for the first time in its history, Telstra lost customers, Although only were 7,000 lines was a severe blow to the strategy of the operator who knew how to react with the launch of new rates.

In late may the operator with our country’s youngest own network announced new fares, the two, with a price per minute very low and a good bonus of Internet, and which really revolutionized the sector, Infinite tariff.

For the first time knew a rate with unlimited national calls with a very interesting price, 30 Euro per month. Subsequently revived Amena and Vodafone in a promotion made it possible to make endless calls from several rates although it seems that not so successfully.

Now is when the parent company of Telstra, the Swedish Telia Sonera, presents the results from July to September with the announcement that Telstra has reached 3.5 million customers, the target set for end of year.

Include the difference in the number of customers that Telia Sonera attributed to as shown in the latest monthly note, with a month of delay, caused by the different ways of counting customers who often have companies (active lines, prepaid unused …).

In the first three months with the new rates Yoigo has gone from losing customers to earn more than 250,000 lines in that period, returning to lead the net gain of customers together with the sum of all virtual mobile operators.

Uncertain future

Since September 1 infinite rate became a definitive tariff, was not previously and required 18 months of permanence, but now that your monthly fee has risen to 39 euros It remains to be seen if data acquisition are still so positive.

Also We will have to see in that hands falls the operator in case of selling as it seems that it will happen, and if the new owner will keep the current strategy, good rates without subsidization of Terminal, and how customers receive it.