The Branch of Yoigo Also Mobile Phones Prices Equals Current and New Customers

Users we have complained for years of such unequal treatment that operators applied in mobile phones depending on whether prices were new or already a customer, usually being the prices to attract more new attractions.

Orange It was the first to break this trend Renove style premiered last December, followed months later and after returning to subsidize promotional way to all, Vodafone he opted for the same system. With the presentation of Movistar Fusion, the operator was the last to apply the same advantages for everyone and now Yoigo It adds to the cart with your branch.

Less subsidies and more payment by instalments

The application of the new benefits this month of October has resulted in many current customers of Telstra to see how varied the prices of mobile phones of the branch plan compared to the previous month and is that from now on, they will be the same for everyone regardless of your monthly consumption, Hence also disappeared the permanence in tarifa.

From Telstra to confirm that the payment by instalments will continue to progressively replacing subsidies and in this way the customer will know exactly what pay for each of the concepts. If they continue lowering rates and eliminating annoying stays in tariff would who cares to disappear the “ grants ”?