It makes few hours that we have spoken of as Telstra has changed, in a timely manner, your pricing strategy of smartphones to new customers, offering different prices according to the fee that the customer, choose in what is a new approach to the old system of subsidy of terminals.

And now back in a timely manner, and framed in the Christmas campaign, in which most mobile sold although many are now free, Telstra has also made another move that leads to months ago, the Grant’s terminals for current customers the operator through its branch program.

Already customers of Telstra have been discriminated against in good part, with worse prices on smartphones to new customers and keeping a single price that It offers no advantage to change rate, Unlike other operators such as Vodafone or Orange that offer different prices to the terminals according to the rate customers commit to which.

But because of the Christmas season, time in which many customers of Telstra could make a change to another operator in order to get a smartphone priced or looking for saving money on bills, the operator with younger network of Spain has decided to return months ago in its strategy offering smartphones with Android OS from scratch euros.

Range low-medium for zero euros and significant sales in the high-end

We must not expect Telstra to give away a Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 5 or a Sony Xperia T a client half but if encountered terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy Mini, Alcatel One Touch 991, Huawei Ascend G300 or Sony Xperia Tipo for zero euros, When before these terminals were around 100 euros.

But not only offer smartphones from a range free low-medium, but that they also offer upper terminals with substantial rebates, as a Samsung Galaxy Mini SIII for 119 euros, a LG Optimus L7 for 49 euros, the HTC Desire X for 79 euros or a Sony Xperia T 279 euros, all of them away from its free prices.

Unknown if these prices return to differentiate the customers according to their seniority or average consumption, mentioned prices are taken from the offer of a client with a minimum consumption of six euros per month, but the own operator confirmed to have lowered the prices of many smartphones up to more than 100 euros.

What is once again demonstrating once again that Telstra can subsidize terminals to its already customers, as it does with the Samsung Galaxy SIII for new customers, is that even There is scope to subsidize or lower rates or that Telstra needs to tie its customers to justify the price that allegedly attributed to him before a possible sale of the operator.

The Branch of Telstra Back to Its Origins with Smartphones from Zero Euros