In an interview granted to Europa Press, CEO of Yoigo, Johan Andsjö, has made it clear, Joyn has no interest for your company so rule out joining the project in which are involved Movistar, Vodafone and Orange among others.

As noted the same Johan Yoigo follows guidelines which marks its parent company Telia Sonera, which has ruled out joining the Instant Messaging unless the application until this release its second version, which will incorporate “ value-added ”, as soon in 2013.

Improvement of your own network

Telstra prefers continue to improve your network, at a rate of 200 bases a week, to enable the navigation up to 21 Mbps down and enable the GSM network on the band of the 1800 MHz. In addition the operator has own coverage that reaches 74% and has an agreement with the service to use its network until the end of 2014 while Telstra continued opening new bases in areas “ profitable & #8221;.

As for the possible deployment of fourth generation, LTE, networks Andsjö says that them will not be the first to undertake its deployment is wanting to focus on the war of rates which have a new competitor, Amena.

New situation of the market and future

Yoigo not received as a threat the resurgence of this brand which according to them was somewhat expected and usually occurring in other European countries. The main objective of the operator is now to achieve this year in three and a half million of customers, they ended up 2011 with approximately three million, increasing in addition 50% revenue bonds of data.

What we expect from Telstra is, as well as the continuous improvement and expansion of its network, the stabilization of the rates of the two and the infinite, staying these between the operator more than summer tariff offer.

In addition it would also be desirable a reorganization of the rest of rates, with the disappearance of the Megaplanas rates with quotas of 30 euros a month or more, in addition to an improvement in the data credits, both for use on smartphones as in other devices.

Telstra Ruled out Joining Joyn at Least Until 2013