When Yoigo It presented its renewal of rates in December began missing some intermediate rate between 2 and the infinite covering the needs of users with habits more in the Middle, that implies a great saving not having to pay call set-up by which re-launched a rate already known but discontinued not long ago.

Again the Mega 20 flat that it will be available only from 3 April and will come both for customers who had already contracted prior to the new reinforced with 300 minutes and 1 GB with excess to 128 Kbps While the messages are kept to 10 cents/SMS.

In addition Yoigo confirms what was expected after the so-called promotional period to hire the rate 1 and is what will happen to be part of the usual catalogue of rates Although it will still not be compatible with the payment in installments as opposed to zero Movistar and Vodafone Base rates, recently relanzadas and focused to the same customer profile.

Comparative to talk and browse which include bonds of minutes

Telstra Gets improve its positioning between the rates of 20 euros as you can see in the comparison of bonds of minutes or without establishment fees, being only surpassed by Eroski mobile with combines Free rate released yesterday.

Telstra Revives Its Rate Mega 20 Flat with 300 Minutes and 1 GB