Movistar was the first to withdraw subsidies from terminals to new customers, although you have made small feints to want to recover them, but then Yoigo already had a long with a system of payment by instalments that in principle it worked very well, especially with the launch of Samsung Galaxy SIII, but that it has then cooled sales operator.

It may be by a slower increase in customers or for other reasons but Telstra has taken an unusual measure in them, return to differentiate the price of a smartphone according to the rate Select the new customer, reducing also the price that appears in its already published monthly catalog.

The smartphone selected, as it is not, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, that has fallen from 20 euros per month for 24 months over 49 euros entry to the 15 euros per month for 24 months over 49 euros entry at the rate of two or no entry with the infinite rates offering into their physical stores until December 31.

A significant reduction, of up to 169 euros, in the price of the smartphone with the infinite that rates You can take as a grant covert up to 140 euros, since your total price is 360 euros with such fees, or 409 euros at the rate of the two, while their free price is around 500 euros.

What also shows this timely motion, seeking mainly a good client acquisition at a time that many people looking for a new smartphone at the best price, is that Despite the reduction of the prices of fares they still allow a margin that subsidize terminals. Or seen in another way, also we can deduce that there is still room to further lower the rates.

Telstra Returns to Differentiate The Price of Smartphones as in a Timely Manner The Contracted Rate