Every year large firms and public organizations communications environment gather to boast of their achievements and talk about their future in a UIMP Santander meeting and today it was the turn of the boys of Yoigo.

There are both presenting the CEO with its days numbered Johan Andsjö as that will supplant him in office, Eduardo Taulet, with t-shirts of “ I am the old ” and “ am new ” and announced interesting new features in operator.

The big news that they had reserved for this event is the launch of offers specific to SMEs and freelancers. Announcement is of special importance, apart from by the revolution that can be supposed in the sector, because it breaks with the strategy does not differentiate customers who remained so far Yoigo.

The operator is currently with more than 100,000 lines of SMEs and freelancers You benefit from the same offers to individual customers. Their intention is the offer “ a value proposition for them, simplifying them entry into Telstra and reinforce the way to sell your services & #8221;.

Now remains to be seen if the proposal is on the side of new services or rates or if the operator chooses to give them a differential treatment when purchasing terminals, with a direct subsidy to the old ausanza or better prices for the payment of private customers.

New data for European roaming rate

Another interesting novelty presented at the day of today is the establishment of a maximum price per day for data usage in Europe, without additional, automatic cost and for all customers, both contract and card.

The unknown that remains in the air is If the price will be maintained by mega so far, 70 cents, or if you opt to a discount and if the daily limit may follow sailing at reduced speed. We will have to wait for the next catalogue to see if they solve some of our doubts.

Telstra Prepares Offers Specific to SMEs and Freelancers and a New Rate Data for Roaming European