Telstra Incorporated to Its Catalog LG Optimus L7, The HTC Desire X and One X and Huawei P1 XL, Nothing IPhone 5

As every end of month Telstra reveals its innovations for the next month and on this occasion the only changes in it are the incorporation of several high-end terminals In addition to gifts with some of them.

The new smartphones within the offer of Telstra are the LG Optimus L7, Huawei P1 XL One X and the HTC Desire X, the latter with a gift to the first 100 buyers Beats Audio headphones.

The pricing strategy Telstra phones does not change one iota with respect to previous months so that those who want to new acquisitions of the company may pay them hit or you can use the payment by instalments.

The most affordable of them all is the LG Optimus L7, 229 euros or 49 input over 10 euros for 18 months, followed by the HTC Desire X, 259 euros or a down payment of 79 euros over 10 euros per month.

Among those already up price we find Huawei P1 XL, 319 euros or 49 euros over 15 euros every month, and which happens to be one of the more expensive handsets from Telstra, the HTC One X for 499 euros or 49 euros from home over 25 euros per month.

In addition to the headphones gift with this last terminal Telstra also has a gift reserved for buyers a Sony Xperia S, 459 euros in lump sum or 25 euros per month, will be a eBook Sony PRS-free T1.

No news from the iPhone

Since the meeting of telecommunications celebrated earlier this month Santander it has been much speculated with the possible arrival of the iPhone 5 to the catalogue of the operator as a result of a few words from the new CEO said that if customers demanded it be they would have it.

It seems that request has not reached his ears and the offer of Telstra will continue without having in it any Apple device a month, although We should not discard their arrival in subsequent months, Christmas of by means.