Telstra Improved Five Rate Allowing You to Accumulate The Megs Not Used

Yoigo He has not been able to resist and a few days before the start of the MWC has already announced its first novelty in rates. Probably five of prepaid rate has been one of the rates of the most criticized of the operator in the history of the young operator and taking account of this give a twist to improve from March 4.

Thereafter the aforementioned customers rate, paying 35 cents per day for 35 Mb of navigation they can earn the MB unused each day for use in subsequent days, and may accumulate in this way up to 1 Gb within one month and in case of exceeding may slow down to 64 kbps so far.

The rate was widely criticized since its launch since it offered 35 Mb per day for 35 cents per day without the possibility of not paying the days without use of the connection, unless the user lacks of balance, and also in case of not consuming the daily traffic this is lost. The fact of having to pay for those 35 cents daily supposes paying environment to 10 euros a month by approximately 1 Gb, which will at least now better benefit from this improvement.

Yet the rate might not entirely bad, though would be much improved if you only pay the days that use the connection, but taking into account tenders of Tuenti, 1 Gb for six euros and even a bonus of voice and data with 50 minutes and 1 Gb for nine euros per month, this single rate has maintained the advantage of not charging for excess data.