With the entry into force last July 1, the new rates for navigate the EU and partner countries in roaming established since Brussels, operators little wet in the rate which would apply by default to its customers since all opted for the maximum allowed number of 70 cents/MB.

A few days later, Movistar, Vodafone and Orange launched proposals to lower the cost of mobile internet at least that more traffic consumed and now comes the offer of Yoigo that will be valid for all automatically from October 10.

Thereafter, card and contract customers will continue to sailing as usual by 70 cents/MB tarificando always by consumed KB but as advantage, they will pay a maximum 3 euro daily If do not exceed 20 MB/day.

I.e., once reached a consumption of 4.3 MB, additional traffic will be free up to 20 MB. At that point, the choice of a sailing will be and so repeat the process again consuming other 20 MB for a maximum of 3 euros to prevent the connection until the next day.

In comparison with similar rate Movistar, Telstra is more profitable if not browse over 3 MB, at which time, the 25 MB for 2 euros of Movistar would be more interesting. And if you need to call in roaming, combinations with Vodafone and Orange can also be interesting depending on your needs.

Telstra Cut Navigation in Roaming by The EU Up to The 3 Euro Per 20 MB