Telstra Continued to Grow in Full Crisis Adding 700,000 Customers in 2012

While some prepare you are others flaunt their numbers and it is that Yoigo It can boast of them. In full crisis Spain younger own network operator has managed to weather the storm and that way, grow in 2012 in 700,000 customers and revenue to rise 17%.

The truth is that 2012 has been the year of the revolution in the mobile operators in Spain and Yoigo together with the MVNO’s and to a lesser extent Orange It has been able to take advantage of the end of subsidies to continue to grow and position itself as the third subsidiary of Telia Sonera in revenue, thinning even more possible sale.

The revolution of 2012

The revolution began with the end of “free” phones to new customers in Movistar and Vodafone to Yoigo also joined even though promoting from the first moment the payment by instalments, that already counted above. Strategy that worked perfectly selling a large number of Samsung Galaxy SIII funded at its launch and depleting the stock of iPhones at Christmas you.

But where Telstra has made really move the rest of the sector is in the rates. It was in June when the operator decided it was time for a tariff revolution and threw on the one hand a rate of few words addressed to browsers, that of the 2, and another for the more talkers, the infinite.

Both rates in addition to force the competition to react, as happened with the reduction of the price per minute in the MVNO and the emergence of tariffs with unlimited calls in other operators, gave a boost to Telstra, stagnant until then in attracting customers due to Megaplanas rates, very similar to the other operators with own network.

After raising the price of the infinite to 39 euros Yoigo again suffered a minor bump but after a new renewal rates, with two infinite rates of 30 and 39 euros per month and the rate of 1 Telstra has become to grow strongly, adding 193,000 customers in the last quarter of 2012.

And for 2013?

What is surprising is that in the press release that Telstra boasts numbers of 2012 is a growth target is not set in number of customers to 2013. Today, according to their own data the operator has 3.7 million customers. Now it remains to be seen that news we have this year, although a server sees an improvement in the rates difficult but that it could come by the release of new bonds of data for USB modem.